La Comida Argentina - Bueníssima!!

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Since I just finished my dinner, I figured I'd talk about food since I'm not hungry anymore. Therefore, as promised in my last post - Argentina Part Dos - LA COMIDA!!

I made it a point to take a picture of (almost) everything I ate just because I like food that much...

When you think of Buenos Aires and think of food & drinks there, what do you think of? For me it was - Beef, Dulce de Leche (this includes alfajores), and Malbec!

I got in really late on Friday night, and thank God the Porteños dine late because I was starving. We were staying in Las Canitas, a gorgeous neighborhood in BsAs and went to a parilla there, a.k.a., steakhouse called "El Primo," which was recommended by my director (have I mentioned she's from Buenos Aires yet?). Since it was quite late, our waitress was rushing us to order our meals, so I looked at the steak part and pointed to colita de cuadril which is rump tail and was delicious. The way the parilla works is you order your cut of meat and then separately order your side dishes. So we got yummy mashed potatoes and a really expensive bottle of wine (expensive for BsAs at least)... despite the priceyness - the bottle and the exhaustion from the trip put me to sleep right away.

The next day, Nancy took me to get pizza. I ordered a mozzarella and fugazzeta which is kind of like an amazing sweet onion and apparently traditional Argentina. I also got a "soda," which is basically club soda in a fun bottle which obviously took me a while to figure out. After filling our tummies we did some site seeing...

... and theeennn got ICE CREAM! OMG, I had NO IDEA the ice cream in BsAs was sooo uh-MAZING! Nancy and I shared a 1/4 kilo of white chocolate, dulce de leche with chocolate shavings, and frutilla (which is strawberry, I just like saying the word in Spanish) from Freddo which is all over BsAs!

That night, we went to another parilla called "Las Cholas," which was really tasty and REALLY cheap! I ordered a matambrito, which is grilled pork served with french fries. We also, obviously ordered a bottle of Syrah. Apparently the food there is very typical of the Northern part of Argentina, so it was nice to get some variety in Argentine cuisine even though I only went to the Buenos Aires area :-)

The next day, as I mentioned in my previous post on being a tourist in Buenos Aires and La Plata, we went to a tango show for lunch! I ordered this great sandwich on pita bread with turkey, heart of palm, lettuce, tomato, red peppers, and probably more because I had to eat it work a fork and knife!! Since I was really hungry though, I didn't take a picture of it... BUT... I got a picture of the cool plates the place had :-) They're musical notes!

For dinner that night we got fresh pasta from this place Nancy talked about ALL weekend called Broccolino's. It was like she was saving her fave restaurant in BsAs for last... and... it was also hands down, my favorite!! I mean.... look at it:

Also accompanied by Malbec... I had to - when was I ever going to get great wine at that price?

The next night we had more pasta at Nancy's friend Anne's house! It was stuffed ravioli with pesto sauce, arucula leaves, fresh mozzarella, good conversation, and of course... wine :-)

My last meal (technically) on Argentine soil was a very filling panqueque which, yes, is a pancake, but filled with egg, cheese, and a yummy corn sauce. I washed it down with a Quilmes, the only Argentine beer I saw anywhere I went but hadn't tried yet. After having it though - I think I'll stick with their wine... haha

We then rushed and bought sweets (including alfajores which I hadn't even had yet!), dulce de leche and Malbec (hehe) for me to smuggle home to Brazil!! Since my wait at the airport was so long, I had some sweets there!

Ok, now I'm hungry again...

Next up - Part III - Porteños - you don't want to miss this one!!

besotes mis amores!

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