Feliz Ano Novo - Paulistano Traditions for the New Year..

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First of all, how was everyone's Christmas? Mine was wonderful! I ate, slept, went to church, slept some more, then ate while chatting with family... oh yeah, then there was coffee... needless to say, it was everything I needed and more (ok, well, not everything... my parents and brother were missing again this year =/).

But now I'm back to work. At least for another few hours, I guess :-)

And as part of my daily ritual when I get in to work, I was going through my Google Reader (follow and share with me!), I came across a New Year's Eve fashion around the world post in a blog I've been following, "yes and yes," and loved the post! First of all because I love everything that has to do with different traditions and cultures and also because one of the mentioned fashion traditions was what we have in Brazil!!

The author of the blog, Sarah Von posted a cute outfit she put together on polyvore that was SO Brazilian:

Which reminded me of how many traditions we DO have on New Year's here in Brazil.

You're supposed to wear white, to have a peaceful and pure turn of the year, the color of your panties determines what kind of year you're going to have (I'm decided on Blue and Green for action and health/justice, respectively!), and they have to be new!... usually people head to beaches where they jump 7 waves come midnight, originally to honor Iemanja, the goddess of the waters according to Orixas Afro-Brazilian tradition. To complete this tradition, some throw rose petals in the water and light candles while watching fireworks over the water.

And then there's the foood (I always have to bring the food in somehow, huh?). Brazilians tend to be quite superstitious this time of year and with food it isn't any different. New Year's Eve isn't a very kosher holiday in Brazil. Traditionally Brazilians eat pork and avoid chicken/turkey or any other form of poultry because eating poultry on New Year's eve makes you go backwards in life? Some people eat pomegranate to attract money in the New Year. Lentils are made for those seeking personal growth. And then there are the grapes! Set aside 3, make a wish for each and then eat them at midnight!

Paulistanos tend to have a pretty default way of celebrating New Year's Eve. Hardly anyone stays in the city, as with most holidays. Whether it be a trip to the beach, whether it be along the coast of SP, southern coast of RJ or northern coast of Santa Catarina, they don't get away from the traffic they face everyday since everyone else is doing it. Since last year I spent the New Year stuck inland in Minas with my family (at least we had the food, haha), I decided to do it up Paulistano style this year.

Some of my friends and I are going camping in Paraty, along the southern coast of Rio de Janeiro, and I'm hoping my next few days will be filled with boat rides, historic downtown visits, fresh fish, waterfalls, tons of laughs, and star filled nights!!

You will also find me jumping waves with grapes in my mouth, a glass of champagne in my hand, and holding on tight to Fábio for our midnight kiss (after I swallow the grapes, of course)!!

What kind of traditions do you have on New Year's Ever?

Hope you all have a wonderful New Year's and God willing, we'll keep seeing each other around here in 2010!!


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