I'm Forgetting English!

By 21:15

Yup, I said it... I think I'm forgetting English, and I'm worried.

My friend Nancy's friend John was here last week on business and after he finished his business duties, I took him in (our apt is much like a hostel... I really should sign us up for Couch Surfing), took him around, and let him out into the wild city of SP.

I've been trying to write this post for the past week because as much as I LOVED his visit and any friend of Nancy's has to be a friend of mine, I started to become worried when I couldn't think of certain SIMPLE words.

Then I started contemplating how every once in a while when I'm writing something for work in English, I've found myself thinking of the word in Portuguese first and then after pondering for a few seconds, making my way to my Google Talk translator (for those who have gmail, I HIGHLY recomend it for its convenience!) to look up the word in English and then feeling like an idiot.

Have any of you ever found this trouble? I know a lot of my readers are Brazilians who live outside of Brazil or native English speakers who have studied a foreign language. Please tell me I'm not the only one!! What have you done to help?!


ps - it's my birthday this weekend \O/, so next week I'll post pictures and details on the festivities :-)

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