Argentina, Pt I - Playing Tourist!

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Hola Chicooss!!!

So for those who didn't know, last week I took a few days off to go visit my lovely friend Nancy who's living in La Plata, just about an hour outside of Buenos Aires, Argentina, and obviously take advantage to play tourist! We ended up staying at her friend's apartment, so I didn't need to pay for housing \o/ - but even if I did, it's not that expensive to get a hotel in Buenos Aires (link points to a good Brazilian site with hotel options!). I'm sorry I didn't update sooner, but taking a few days off means working extra hard when you get back, haha.

Despite only being there for a few days, I realized I needed more than one post to talk about my trip. I've decided to write a 3 part series - First, the touristy stuff and my fave spots in Buenos Aires and La Plata (the two cities I visited); Secondly, THE FOOOOODD - if you've read this blog enough, you know I have a blessed metabolism and <3 it.

Entonces, vamos? This is long, but reads through quickly, promisseee.

Nancy was a wonderful tour guide and since she's kind of still discovering BsAs herself, we got a little lost and had tons of fun doing it, so needless to say, I saw lots of the city!

Saturday we went to Plaza de Mayo where I saw la Casa Rosada, the city's Cathedral, and then walked over and saw the Obelisco. Plaza de Mayo was kind of a big deal for me because in college I took a Latin America Humans Rights class and since then I've been obsessed with anything and all having to do with dictator ships in Latin America. And since Plaza de Mayo is soooo significant in the Argentine movement, not gonna lie, it was pretty touching to be there.

Then we walked to Rua Florída where all the supposed cheap shops are and browsed a bit, but didn't get anything. Apparently since it's become such a touristy area, the shops aren't that cheap anymore, so #FAIL on Rua Flórida. BUT, if you have the extra cash, there are TONS of cute things to buy!!

Then we saw the "Flor de Metal" which is literally this huge metal flower that opens when the sun is out and closes at night!! It's very pretty and right next to the university's law school which is also a gorgeous building.

We heading to La Recoleta and hit up the huge arts and crafts fair and picked up a few fun things like Frida earrings and necklaces made out of seeds and coco. Nancy got this wooden app serving tray, which - according to her, is "sooo Argentine," and this cute wooden flower puzzle for her baby cousin.

In Recoleta is the Cemitério de La Recoleta, a cemetary where tons of famous Argentines are buried (from generals to Evita!). It's much like the older cemetaries in Brazil with really big and gorgeous tombstones. I must admit I'm not a fan of cemetaries, but I must say, there was something about the place that was so comforting.

Saturday night, we obviously hit up one of the hottest tourist spots - Palermo Hollywood where all the clubs are!!! I'll elaborate more on that night when I talk about los porteños (las personas de Buenos Aires)...

Sunday we were barely able to get up at 11:30 to go to a lunchtime tango show at Esquina Homero Manzi in San Telmo, which, by the way is about a third of the cost of most tango shows (this includes what I paid for lunch!). Getting there was a challenge being that we got off at a metro stop which was no less than 26 blocks away from the place!! Avenidas em BsAs SURE ARE LONG! But it was good - it certainly woke us up, we saw a fight between an angry porteño and a squeegee lady, and we had heart to heart conversations. The show was beautiful and not touristy at all, being that we watched it with about a hundred and fifty silver-haired Argentines (we're thinking it was a church or retirement home outing, lol). I love the accordian and fell in love even more as the show progressed. I also want a tango dress... they're so sexy!!

Then we headed to La Feria de San Telmo. WARNING - BRING TONS OF CASH WHEN/IF YOU GO! Sooooo many cute things and I wanted to take them all home. I kind of regret not bringing some things home, but oh well... maybe next time?!!

After shopping (*sigh... anyone need any translations done or anything? I don't charge much, I promise!), we hopped on a bus to the pretty barrio of La Boca! We saw "La Bombonera" from far away - the Boca Junior's stadium... and my boyfriend yelled at me for not actually going... Brazilian men and their soccer... and then walked around Caminito, the famous area where there are gorgeous colorful homes!

Afterwards we (almost) ended the night walking along the river in Puerto Madero which is GORGEOUS. Not gonna lie, it was pretty romantic. ;-)

Monday morning we headed to the Bosques de Palermo and visited the Jardin Japonés which was soooo pretty and then made our way to La Plata!!

In La Plata, Nancy gave me the walking tour and we shopped a little more (I was serious about the translations!), then had a wonderful dinner at her friend Anne's house where I got to finally practice my castellano with Anne's boyfriend who speaks little English.

Tuesday I visited the city's Museo de la Plata which is a natural science museum, is GORGEOUS, and has all sorts of fun anthropological things which make me smile. After lunch, we also saw the cathedral... equally as gorgeous. Then it was time to buy last minute things and come home....

The problem was, I'm an idiot, and forgot to check my itinerary and see my flight time had changed because the Argentine government doesn't believe in daylight savings!! I ended up missing my flight and playing Terminal until about midnight.... but I got home safely and that's all that matters :-)

Next post - La Comida Porteña.... mmm, mmm, bueníssima!

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