Blogger Crisis.

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Yes, Blogger Crisis. You know, like mid-life crisis when you don't know what to do with yourself? You feel like you've done all there is to do... except those things you regret not doing. I must confess this is one of those reasons I haven't been writing as much. I feel like since I've been in São Paulo for a while and in an established routine, I don't have anything interesting enough to write about anymore...

Do I regret writing about anything I have written about thus far? No. Never.
Do I regret not writing about some other things for fear of being embarassed or think that you wouldn't be intereseted in reading about them? Maybe a little.

So I want to hear from you guys what you like and don't like about my posts. I know there are a good number of you out there reading this because I know how many subscribe to my feeds and I'm a Google Analytics expert. ;-)

What are our options? After all, the blog is not only for you guys, so I have to give options, right? haha

1.) Keep doing what I'm doing - a little bit of poly's life. a little bit of immigration policy. a little bit of brazilian society/politics.

2.) Talk a little less about my life and a little more about politics and the economy.

This week's examples had I dedicated more time to this blog:

- Rio is being considered for the 2016 Olympics - if Brazil gets it, will it be good or bad? (there was tons of debate at work!)
- What's up with the USD?!

3.) Talk a little less politics and a little more ME.

- I ran a 5k last Sunday (the one before this one... sorry I didn't write about it).
- I went to a GREAT stand-up show and the comedians were 100% female.
- My curator friend put together a wonderful photography exhibit by a pretty amazing photographer on the Curd Nation.

4.) Keep doing what I'm doing but get a little more personal.

This is what I've been afraid to do. I don't want this blog to be a Dear Diary where I vent about my problems, or where I coo about how cute my boyfriend is (he really is so sweet though...). I also don't want to lose too much focus and talk about work related things (SEO and Search in general) or fashion finds and such...

I'd be more than happy to go with any of the above options - but I need to know if my readers would be as well :-) See what a democratic blogger I am?


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