Career Choices: Cross Generational + Cross Cultural = [Completely] Lost in Translation?

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Talking About Generations, a blog that discusses Gen-Y and inter-generational issues asked me to write a guest post for them and it was published today! :-)

Check out a snippet here and the rest on this great generation y blog!

"Growing up as an immigrant child is funny. Especially in the US where t here are tons of us. You are raised at home with a set of principles that aren’t necessarily those of the country you live in and so you think it’s funny when people at school have different upbringings than yourself. You go home and your mother is horrified by the Americanos, and their upbringings. And then when you get a little older and have to choose a profession, your parents who work in blue collar (or no collar for that matter) jobs, want you to work somewhere where you can make money and excel financially. And of course, do something that’s considered honorable where they come from so your family “back home,” can be proud of you as well....

Dealing with cross generational differences in career decisions can be difficult. Add cross cultural to that equation, and the difficulty becomes even greater. But, since I’ve always had to deal with the cultural part, the career part is a piece of cake compared to what I had to deal with growing up. Plus, think on the bright side of things, if your family has no idea what it is you do for a living, there’s no giving their two cents on how to do it!"

beijoooss and have a great weekend!

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