Visiting the Família!

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As I mentioned in my last post, I visited my family in Minas Gerais last week and instead of only
going for a few days, I decided to take advantage I was there and use a couple more days to relax and enjoy the family... Since I took a bunch of pictures, I decided to tell you all about my trip through photos!

I got to Governador Valadares on Thursday afternoon and Thursday night we went to the city's Exposição Agropecuária which was going on that week. It's an "Expo" of cattle, etc. and there are concerts and rodeos and lots of booze - so some of my cousins and I took advantage and went!! As you can see below, I was quite the cowgirl, haha:

The first picture is of my brother, Fernando, and I (duh, as you can see he looks just like me, lol) - He is in Brazil, and this was the first time I had seen him in over a year and a half! Needless to say, the night was eventful...

Then Saturday night, I went to a bar with my cousins and some of Fernando's friends:

Monday, Fernando, myself and a BUNCH of our paternal cousins headed to our grandmother's house out in the country. We stayed until Wednesday, ate sooo much, made a huge fire in the yard, my cousin played guitar with one of the neighbors, and I slept so much I think my undereye circles disappeared :-)

Wednesday night was the final for the Libertadores Cup - The team I cheer for, Cruzeiro, was in the final, so my uncle, who's also a HUGE fan, held a cookout to watch the game at his house and we had a blast... until Cruzeiro lost :-(

Thursday night was my second to last night in GV and my cousin's birthday party was Friday, so my cousins took Fernando, Parlleny (my cousin who lives in the US and was also visiting), and I out for a "going away."
Friday night, just before getting on the bus at midnight heading back to São Paulo, we headed to my godmother and aunt's house (my mother's sister) for my cousin's birthday party. We took a great picture with my maternal grandmother and my mom's sisters to send my momma:

And also my adopted uncles, and mom's brothers-in-law:

I guess that's it!! Hope you enjoyed my story through photos :-)

Until very soon, I promise, especially since my brother's here with me in São Paulo now and I plan on doing all sorts of fun things with him!!!


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