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Ok, ok, so I promised I'd write and I didn't, but since I'm short on time with work (I'm going away to Minas tomorrow for a week, so hopefully I'll come back relaxed and with an open mind to write!), I've decided to share some interesting reads from the past couple of weeks.

First of all, some reader suggestions/posts:

From Eyes on Brazil, I've been meaning to comment about Adam's post, but here's a link so you can read it first: Working with (US) Brazilians: Good or Bad? In this post he talks about his experience working with Brazilians in the US and asks readers for their input - any of you ever work with Brazilians in the US and have some insight? I personally have had good and bad experiences working with and for Brazilians... more on that later, I hope!

This link was from Dani - The El Paso Miracle. I think she got my immigration views right on target because I LOVED this article. It talks about how cities in the US with high immigrant populations are usually safer! Take THAT immigrant haters.

Fun Blogs to Start Following:

Bloggings by Boz - If you're into Latin America, Foreign Policy, and being updated on the former - I HIGHLY recommend this blog.

Furdunço da Doninha - My friend Fabi has just embarked on an adventure to England from Brazil for her masters! The blog is in Portuguese, and her writing is fantastically hysterical!

Eu Dou Pra Idiotas - Also in Portuguese, and great for some laughs. Loosely translated, the blog is called, "I Sleep With Idiots." Very funny and I've been using it as a distraction from my hectic work week.

And now (drumroll please) - Written by Yours Truly!

For those who don't know I work in SEO, I am also my agency's Link Building coordinator and I just had an article published in "Propaganda & Marketing," a large marketing and advertising newspaper here in Brazil. Pretty exciting, huh? In Portuguese, and interesting if you're interested in SEO - Link Building Brasil: Como Otimizar Links.

I've also started writing for a São Paulo city guide made for onlines and mobile called "Unlike" - and it's in English! Basically, most of what you see on the site from now on is likely to be mine. I don't get paid for it, but it's nice to go places and be "the press." :-)

See? I HAVE been busy! haha

beijoosss and updates next week on my trip to visit the família in Minas!

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