É Campeão?!

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Oh dear, I've abandoned this blog for over two weeks now, I'm a horrible parent to it...

But alas, I am back, and hopefully more regularly from now on. Work has been pretty hectic and I have 3 students on my plate right now, so I apologize to my regular readers for the absence :-)

I just wanted to write a quick post while being inspired and this week I hope to write a great post as a response to another wonderful post I read on Eyes on Brazil (ooohh, suspense).

I just got home from my aunt's house where I spend the day there having one of my favorite meals for lunch, canjiquinha, which is a traditional soup from Minas, and great for warming up on a chilly SP day. We then watched a movie and the Brazil v. USA Confederate Cup final game.

Brazil vs. USA matches in any sport have always been important to me. One of my most vivid childhood memories was the Brazil v. USA game in the 1994 World Cup where Brazil won 1-0 and my father had bet his friends that would be the final score and everyone getting worked up about that one game more than any other the other matches in that Cup.

One question people always ask me, especially now that I'm here in Brazil is which team do I support in these matches, and I always say, "Brazil, obvi. I've never supported the USA in any athletic match." It's funny because people here don't see me as a Brazilian still just because I was raised in the US. But it is something funny because immigrant children in Brazil tend to support Brazil in sports and such whereas in the US it's usually the opposite. Everyone cheers for the team their parents are from or where they themselves were born.

Today, after watching the game, I spoke with my parents on the phone and my mother said something that has always been pretty obvious to me and I guess most other Brazilians and probably most other immigrants in the US in general. She said, "Brazil needed this win. I mean, the US beats us in so many other things, whether it be sports, economically, or politically. We have to have SOMETHING to make us proud of our country."

Something Americans tend to complain about immigrants in the US is that they are overly patriotic, yet taking advantage of everything the US is offering them without "thanking" Uncle Sam for everything he's given them. I opened my Facebook and Twitter right now and every Brazilian I follow is celebrating while every American is saying they hate Brazilians for always winning in soccer, or "What happened USA, we were supposed to have this one." Well Tio Sam, that's not how it works. How would you feel if you were the underdog in EVERYTHING? Wouldn't you be a little bit bitter yourself? Americans travel the world chanting "USA," and expecting everyone to speak English and we can't commemorate our country's greatest pasttime with a victory?

Needless to say, I have always enjoyed USA v. Brazil matches for the mere pleasure of seeing my Brazilians dominate the field or the court, giving us the upperhand in a sport or two just to say we have a few tricks of our own up our sleeves. Granted in soccer, the US is the underdog, and Brazil the expected winner. But hey, try being the underdog in everything else and then come tell me you hate me, mm k?


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