Ooh Baby it's Cold Outside?

By 19:25

I have been trying to write this post for about a week now to discuss I have come to terms with the fact that it's fall and almost "winter" even in São Paulo... and today hit near 26 degrees C (near 78 degrees F)... WTF?

First of all, despite having been here for over a year already, I find it hard to accept the fact that 15 degrees celsius, or 60 degrees fahrenheit or so, is "cold." To me, this is perfect fall weather.  I've always loved the fall and spring and mild temperatures in general.  As much as I love beachin' it, and love feeling the sun on my face, there's almost something equally as magically in the São Paulo autumn drizzle.  SP is known as the "cidade da garoa," or... "drizzle city," because of the constant light rain in the city - which apparently was much more frequent way back when.  

However, this week dropped down to about 10 degrees C or so and it was NOT cool.  No pun intended - it was cold, okay?  Let me explain why... most apartments, homes and buildings here do not have heat.  This means that for my shower in the morning, I have to put together  mini sauna by closing the window and then turning on the hot water until its warm enough in the bathroom for me to actually undress and bathe.  And then, I had to put on a t-shirt, sweater, and fall jacket... but this wasn't bad because I like pulling out my cute fall jackets every once in a while.  However, since I'm still not convinced it's "the coldest," I've come across, I go outside with my hair wet and regret it immediately.  

For me, the crazy São Paulo fall weather doesn't differ much from New England fall weather... it's the trying to figure out what's cold and what isn't that gets to me.  After walking outside with my hair wet, I kept wondering what I would do in the U.S., since I definitely don't recall ever using a hair dryer on a regular basis.   What would I do in the winter?! And how have I forgotten this already? And when is it okay to accept the fact I'm not used to New England weather anymore and should wear a scarf in 15 degree C weather?  

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