Jazz nos Fundos

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This past weekend, one of my great friends from high school, Bruna (pictured right, looking over SP's sunset), came to visit.  She's Brazilian and lives in the US, and decided to come visit her family in Parana (near Foz do Iguaçu) for a month - and since she's the best ever, she took a 2 day stop over in SP! :-D  We did all sorts of fun things like, hot dogs and bars in Vila Madalena, shopping trips downtown, caldinho de feijão at Benedito Calixto, watching the sunset on Praça do Por do Sol, all you can eat sushi rodízio, frolicking on Av. Paulista and parque Trianon, coffee at Fran's Café at 2 AM, and meeting my friends all over the place (including a friend of mine I hadn't seen in years, who recently moved to SP!) 

One place we also went to, which I can't get over yet, is this little jazz joint called, "Jazz nos Fundos," which literally translates to "Jazz in the Backyard."  And which is, no joke, behind a parking lot in a warehouse.  Nobody has ever "found" it driving by, because you can't! You walk through the driveway and are suddenly pleasantly surprised with this greatly lit hallway and you can hear the guitarrist Edu Letti improvising away along with the rest of his quintet (sax, bass, keyboard, and drums).  You walk through the crowd that's sitting and chatting and standing and grooving, and you make your way to the bar and are face to face with a tall, handsome bartender in a white tshirt, order your Eisenbahn, Erdinger, or sake caipirinha with carambola (mmm...) and just close your eyes to listen to the music.  This was the exact experience I had (well, I had the Eisenbahn), and it was everything wonderful.  The whole night, my friends and I just chatted, drank, and listened to wonderful jazz in a lovely environment.  For those in SP or planning to visit, I highly recommend checking it out.  There's a R$15 well worth cover and drinks are reasonable.   They don't accept cards, so if you don't want to spend much, just bring your R$15 ;-) 

Here's a video I found from a night @ Jazz nos Fundos, FYE:


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