Histórias de Fusca.

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Ever since a little kid I've heard "fusca" stories.  In Portuguese, the original Volkswagen Beetle, or "Buggie," is called a Fusca.  The new snazzy kinds are actually called New Beetles (pronounced "nu beetol" :-])  Almost everyone who's owned a fusca or has ridden in one on numerous occassions has a fusca story.  If you are an exception, please let me know!! 

What do I mean by a "Fusca Story?"  Fuscas are practically the Brazilian national vehicle because of its history in the country and appreciation of it to this day.  Everyone in Brazil who hasn't already owned a fusca or whose mother, grandfather, sister and/or uncle have owned one - is lying.  And if they're not lying, they don't know what they're missing out on.  There are so many fuscas in Brazil that we don't play "punch buggie" here but "fusca azul," - so you're only allowed to punch when you see a blue buggie!   

My uncle here in SP was a mechanic (before becoming a yoga instructor - talk about 180, eh?) and only owns VW today, including 2 fuscas.  He had one stolen towards the end of last year and my cousins still mourn that car as if it were a pet who'd been in the family for years.  But if you think about it, it almost was... 

Saturday night, I went out with my cousin and a bunch of friends for a friend's birthday party, and on the ride home, with his VW Gol packed with 6 people since we gave a few of our friends a ride home, my cousin and his friends start talking about "that time," they packed his '68 fusca with 8 people (not the smallest of people either) down to the beach and how hysterical it was. 

Then Sunday, I went to my aunt's house for Mother's Day and we went to my uncle's cousin's house for lunch and his cousin starts talking about the time he and his wife were with their kids on their way back from the river for the day and in their fusca, in the pouring rain, all of a sudden the windshield wipers broke... and they went all ghetto and tied their son's shoelaces to the wipers to manually move them.  Mind you, we were all pealing with laughter at their kitchen table during this story and his wife, also crying from laughing so much says, "We laugh now, but I was horribly miserable at the time."  

Needless to say, I've heard a number of these fusca stories... and I'm curious - do you have any histórias de fusca yourself? :-)  And don't forget, comments in Portuguese are ALWAYS welcome on this blog!

(pictured: my cousin with his fusca at the beach - a 5 hour drive from SP; and the speedometer on the way to the beach).  

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