Loving Life - Whether in São Paulo or Jerusalem

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A couple of college friends of mine also decided to leave the U.S. after graduating from Providence, whether semi-permanently or for a year or so, and oftentimes when I get a chance to read their blogs, I find myself relating to them so much even though we're in living in completely different continents and cultures! 

My friend Allie and I would often discuss in college how we wanted to go abroad after graduating, and when she was set on going to China, I was still iffy about what I wanted to do.  Because of this, I would also often tell her how she was my hero.  And she continues to be one of them!  She eventually decided on going to Israel, and has been doing all sorts of wonderful things there since then! Recently, I ran into the link for her blog on Facebook and her post entitled, "I Love My Life" was just what I needed to read.  Here's a little of what she wrote: 

... I’ve been reflecting a lot lately on how incredibly happy I am with my life here. It’s true that I am currently job-less, car-less, apartment-less (as of June 15) and in some ways, direction-less ... I can’t help but smile at how blessed I am to live in such a wonderfully amazing place... Despite the harshness, loudness, rudeness and general disrespect for rules of the society here, there is a certain warmth in relationships that I have never experienced anywhere else... the generosity and true sincerity brings me nearly to tears... 

... Besides the people, I really enjoy my lifestyle here.... We go on hikes, day trips, city explorations and meet new people constantly... Maybe it’s because we didn’t grow up here, but I even have interest in doing things I’ve done before (either last year or on taglit) I just can’t get enough of exploring this majestic land...

I highly recommend you check out the full post on "Under my UmrELLA", that's why I haven't show more, hehe.  Allie truely is a strong Jewish women with a great open mind and one of those people I know will save the world someway, somehow, so def. a must read. 

But as I was sayinh... As I was reading this, I couldn't help but think, holy shit, I couldn't have expressed as how I'm feeling,myself.  People find it hard to believe I'm happy here because I don't make much money, I'm living by myself, I use public transportation everywhere I go, I live in a dangerous city, etc. et. al (what most Brazilians living outside the U.S. think at least, and many of my American friends for that matter).  But despite all of this, like Allie, I've found a certain peace of mind and feelings of being truly blessed with my life here.  This past weekend was a long weekend and I had the opportunity to spend it with friends I've made here over the past year.  And the whole time I kept thinking first of all, how I was spending money I didn't have and would kick myself in the butt sooner than later, but secondly and more importantly (ahem), that I was so lucky to have met such wonderful people who are so intelligent and warm and who I have so much in common with... in such a short time.

So as much as some people say, "Wow, that you left your family and went to Brazil, huh?"... yeah, on one hand it does suck... but on the other hand, like  Allie, I just can't get enough of it here despite all the negative things.  I'll leave it at that today!


ps - sorry for all the gushy life reflection posts.  i've just been in that state of mind recently. i promise i'll get over it soon! :-) 
pps - I have another friend who's living in Tokyo who I'd like to talk about too, so stay tuned for my parallelisms with Beth and her Year in Japan

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