Sarajevo Club - Just Get Up and Dance.

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My past couple of posts have been quite serious, which is very uncharacteristic of me. I will write a follow-up post to my visa interview post very soon though, since so many comments were made (thanks!).  

To mix things up a bit, and make life a little happier for all of us, I wanted to share with you all a little bit of what is quickly becoming one of my favorite night clubs in São Paulo...  A little over a month ago, my friend recommended we go to this club she liked a lot and I had never been to, called Sarajevo Club.  She goes, "It's legit... Sarajevo.  It's craziness, but I like it."  Sarajevo is on Rua Augusta, a street known for its eclectic crowds and prostitute hotspot.  So needless to say, you never know what you'll find on Augusta.  Curious to see what this place was all about, 4 of us single girls went, hungry for dancing and meeting interesting men (and at the same time spend little to no cash)!  

Well, mission certainly accomplished!  When we went that first time, we danced so much, I left the club super sweaty (and I rarely ever sweat).  It also didn't help that the DJ in the upstairs room was playing '90's rock, making all of us reminisce on our middle-high school days.  Downstairs there was a band playing and unidentified genre of music, and the place was filled with beautiful people.  From the socialist bearded types, to the foreigners completely dumbfounded and taking everything in, to the preps in denial escaping the Vila Olímpia crowd, to the average tshirt and jeans wearing,  just looking for good music crowd.  I met a number of interesting men that night, and left without paying a dime.  We didn't pay to get in, all I got was a water, my friend's friend paid for our beer, and when I went to pay, all I had was a R$20 bill and the cashier had no change, so she said, "Go ahead, don't worry about it."  Sweet, huh?  

Last night, my friends Paty and Tiago and I decided to hit up Sarajevo again.  It was Tiago's first time there and I haven't known him for long, so I'll admit I was a little worried he wouldn't enjoy it because after all, it is more eclectic than your average Paulistano can handle...  All I can say is, he was not disappointed and I was even more impressed with the place.  There was a band playing last night that literally rocked my world.  They played Tim Maia, James Brown, Michael Jackson, and (drum roll please)... Marvin Gaye.  And this made me soberly dance with my eyes closed just feeling the music, that's how good they were.  We stayed there until 5 AM and then got some coffee at a 24 hour spot with a new friend we made there last night, a carioca who'd recently moved ot SP (if you haven't noticed yet, I'm the queen of meeting random people in random places).  We got home at 7:30 AM which means my Sunday was a waste.  Luckily, there was mass at 6:30 PM, so at least I made it to that.   I'll leave you with a video of the band that played last night and will write soon!  

The band's name is "Dom Paulinho Lima and the Soul Train," and I highly suggest you check out this video, right below (skip to about 2:00, he talks the first two minutes).  If you live in São Paulo, they play at Sarajevo every Saturday and if you decide to check them out and want company, CALL ME! 

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