Life Without Borders... Courtesy of Your Cell Phone Operator.

By 17:14

Hello sunshines :-) 

I have had a pretty hectic and eventful week!!  The rundown?  Besides work, obviously... Monday, Yoga class did my body wonders; Tuesday I stayed in; Wednesday I got a free ticket from Denise to see Elba Ramalho (only one of the greatest female Brazilian singers of all time); Thursday my friend Fernando, from work bought us a few rounds of drinks (Thanks again Fê!) and then I rocked out at Republic, a pub, with a band called Mr. Burn$ playing classic pub songs; Friday morning I went to a great Google event where their "Analytics Evangelist," Avinash Kaushik spoke; Friday night I had a pijama party with pizza, beer, and L'Albergue Espagnole with the girls; and Saturday night I went out with some of my girl friends who I hadn't seen in agesss to a club called Pucci

... yes, I'm spent. 

This past week though, I've also been contemplating this one commercial I saw one of these nights.  It's a commercial for TIM, a cell phone operator here in Brazil, and I thought it deserved some sort of reflection.  

Here's the video with translation below: 

Something is happening. 
A black man with a Muslim name is the president of the United States. 
The award for best Brazilian soccer player in the world belongs to a female soccer player. 
The Pope is giving homilies online. 
The award for Best Film was awarded to a movie produced in India. 
And music has never been heard or shared as much by so many people. 
Borders are opening up. 
This is what is happening. 
And any broadband is useless if the mind is narrow. 
It's time to have minds without borders.

It's obviously a "mobile" commercial, and exagerated.  But like I said, worth reflection.  These certainly are some things that are big changes in ways the world has seen as traditional over the past hundred years or so.  White men are US presidents, Men play soccer in Brazil, the Catholic church is archaic, Hollywood produces Oscar winners, music is played live, or at home - not sent to your best friend on your cell while on the metro.  Little things that are huge all at the same time.  So then I think, "How am I living my life without borders?" As most of you who read this, I've gotten a pretty big reality check recently that yes, there are borders in certain people's lives.  Not everyone can do everything they want because there are legal, financial, and physical barriers.  But what about those things that we think are unattainable but with a little bit of work can become realities?  

I've always been one to dream, and to do things in my means to dream.  Throughout my life I've had something to work towards, a light at the end of the tunnel.  Going to college, making it through college, working and gaining professional experience, learning new languages, making new friends, falling in and out of love, educating and being educated.  

But I feel as if I've hit some sort of wall recently.  I've let the financial, legal, and physical barriers surround me, and don't know how or if I have the motivation to break them.  I want to, but how?  

One thing the commercial taught me?  Having an open mind isn't enough.  Hard work isn't enough.  Having a dream and/or passion isn't enough.  Now a combination of the three?  That's what got Barack elected, what is modernizing the Church (slowly), what makes Martinha such a great player, and what made Slumdog's tight budget more than what Hollywood could ever offer.

So now it's my turn.  I'm very open-minded, I know hard work.  I need a dream.  I need to prioritize.  I've had a lot of ideas in mind, but I need passion for something.  

Sorry, I just gave you a whole denoument with no concrete ending.  I suppose this was a very RANDOM post, but I just needed to get my thoughts out "on paper" and hope it served to at least entertain you with the cute commercial :-).      

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