Oh Baby, it's Summertime!

By 23:52

This weekend, the sun finally decided to make an appearance in São Paulo after a few weeks of rain, clouds, and more rain. 

Friday night, the sky was already relatively clear, and some of my friends and I hit up a bar for happy hour and then a GREAT club, Sarajevo, which is kind of underground, and there was lots of dancing involved.  There was a great live band playing, and another room playing 90's rock which made all of us reminisce over our adolescent years (and made us realize we're officially adults, haha).

Saturday, I did a little bit of walking and went to the pool with my friend Marcos.  the goal is to go every weekend at least once!! My workout plan for an indefinite period of time now is swimming 1-2 times a week and yoga twice a week.  Decent enough, right? I hope... 

Saturday night, my friend Fabi called and said she was planning on going to the beach Sunday, if I didn't want to go with her... I had tons of things to do Sunday - work I had brought home, laundry, I had to stop by a few stores to pick up a few things... and so I said, "Sure, I'll definitely hit up the beach with you!"  Despite having tons of things to do, I was also needing some relaxation and SUN.  I hadn't been to the beach since October when I went to Rio, and let's be honest with ourselves here, moro num país tropical! 

So Sunday morning, I woke up bright and early, and Fabi, Juliana and I hit up Juquehy, on São Paulo's north shore, where one can find some of the prettiest beaches in the southeast of Brazil (or so they say - I can't say anything because I haven't been to many beaches, but I can definitely say I was more impressed with SP's north shore than with Rio!).  The day was gorgeous, the water was wonderful, and the company was great!  Juliana, who also had tons of work to do, and I kept saying how we would have regretted not going to the beach.  Because of the gorge weather, I left the beach super impressed with the great tan I had gotten too.  I realized I hadn't put on as much sunblock as I could have, but those are some of the downsides to being tan and thinking the sun doesn't affect me as much as it does pasty light skinned people, hehe. 

On the way home, we stopped at a pastelaria to have some of Bertioga's famous pasteis.  Pasteis
 are kind of like deep fried empanadas, and these were HUGE and wonderful.  I didn't know they were so famous, but definitely learned why.  

Here's the kicker though, on the ride home, I was exhausted, and when I got home, started feeling kind of light headed, but thought it was just the excess of sun and normal post-beach tiredness.  I had made plans to have sushi with my friend Thiago, and got ready to go.   Once we get to the sushi place, I realize I wasn't eating as much as I usually eat, and started feeling kind of nauseous and was super cold, even though it was a ridiculously warm night.  Thiago said I had probably gotten insolação, which is kind of like a heat/sunstroke.  We quickly realized I had a fever, so we finished our dinner and he took me to the pharmacy for me to get some fever reducer.  I picked up some meds and attempted to sleep, to no avail.  This morning, I called my aunt desperately asking her what to do because I felt super sick, was nauseous, my head hurt, my throat was sore, and much more.  She said my uncle was on his way to pick me up and take me to the hospital.  I get to the emergency room and the doctor confirmed Thiago's diagnosis and puts me on an entire liter of serum with medication because I was ridiculous dehydrated.  They poked me in four different places because my veins kept exploding and so it took a whole 4 hours for me to finish off my liter of medicine and liquid.  I stopped at the pharmacy to pick up an anti-inflammatory for my sore throat and slept the rest of the afternoon.  I'm feeling much better now, but have definitely learned a wonderful lesson from all of this - drink lots and lots and lots of water at the beach and keep your head out of the heat... duh.  

I have no regrets though... despite this being the first time I legit got sick here in Brazil, I got a baller tan and look GOOD. haha 

More on love and life coming up this week! 


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