Is it Worth the "Hike"?

By 10:37

This'll be a quick post, I promise, but it'll be reflective, I hope. 

One thing I forgot to mention about my day at the beach on Sunday was something that kept running through my mind almost all day...

As I sat on my beach chair, barely under the umbrella, staring out into the ocean and looking around at all the people, I realized I had travelled nearly 3 hours to go to the beach for a mere few hours, or "day."  And then I started to try to think of the last time I had done this in the U.S. 

When had I travelled 3 hours to go anywhere for a day?  Boston and Philly are equidistantly 2 1/2 - 3 hours from my hometown of Danbury, CT.  Nope, always went for at least a night's stay.  Rhode Island and Long Island beaches are no more than 2 hours from Danbury.  I remember going to Long Island when I was much younger with my family.  Rhode Island beaches?  Only on the way back from Boston or Providence.  I would think it was ridiculous for anyone to visit me in Providence for just a day when coming "all the way" from Western Connecticut (2 hours, 20 minutes).  And as I sat there contemplating this, I recalled thinking what an effort it was for my friends and I to even drive to Hartford or Fairfield for a day (45  minutes - 1 hour)!

Living in São Paulo's capital city, a 40 minute trip anywhere isn't far at all, at least using public transportation.  It seems here people are more willing to go a little further for relaxation or entertainment.  There are beaches that are only an hour away from SP City, but the better beaches are a little further north.  Why is it that my friends and I found it so tough to make it out to the beach or city or ski mountain if it was more than an hour drive for a day in New England/Tri-State Area, and here I find it a walk in the park hitting the road for a few hours just to make it to São Paulo's northern shore as opposed to the southern?  And it's not just the beach either, I've taken day trips to sítios (small farms) and small touristy/historic towns in Minas a couple hours outside the city without even a pause to say, "Oh God, that's so far..."

I have some thoughts on the "por que" of it all, but would rather listen to your opinions first and give you something to chew on. ;-)


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