É Carnaval 2009! São Paulo Parades and Themes

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So everyone probably thinks I haven't posted in a week because I've been pregaming for Carnaval and am now living it, which is sort of true.  I was pregaming by working hard at work and then living it by relaxing, haha.  Since funds have been low, I decided to stick around SP for the holiday and fortunately for me, so did most of my friends and family who live here.  For our SP Blog, Paty and I planned out a whole itinerary for who was staying in São Paulo for Carnaval, which wasn't too easy to do because the city isn't necessarily famous for its Carnaval festivities.  You'll barely hear about street parades and to go watch the big parades, you need to spend quite a bit.  So we researched some cheap-o festivities and the intent was to do all of them, but my body wouldn't allow me.  So Friday after work, I ended up getting a beer or 5 at a couple of bars with a few different groups of friends, and spent most of yesterday and Saturday with my aunt, uncle and cousins, including a quick getaway to one of their friends' sitio's right outside São Paulo to breathe in some fresh air.  Last night I hung out with some friends at this park near my house called Praça do Por do Sol, which overlooks a microscopic part of the city and is gorgeous.  Today, the party will officially begin - I'm going out with some friends to a club celebrating Carnaval, so more on that later :-) 

One thing I also got to do in my escapades to bars and my aunt's house, etc. was watch some of the parades on TV.  They start at around 10 PM and go until sunrise and then some, so I didn't get to watch much, but from reviews and what Globo showed, not only were the São Paulo desfiles gorgeous, with thousands of people participating in each and huge floats, they had pretty interesting themes.  The themes are always my favorite part since I'm too analytical for my own good, but this years' really got to me.  Unidos do Peruche highlighted different parts of the history of jewel mining and had a whole float dedicated to slaves in Brazil and another to miners in Minas Gerais.  I had mentioned going to a Rosas de Ouro rehearsal, and it was great to see the parade and kind of recognize the music - but watching it made the lyrics all come into place.  The parade attempted to display the magic that is Carnaval and the theme was O Sonho do Carnaval, the Carnaval's Dream, showing on a huge plasma screen in front of one of the floats, the making of that same float.  My favorite school on Friday night was by far Tom Maior.  They paid a double tribute to Angola and one of Brazil's favorite sambistas, Martinho da Vila (who also wrote a song called "Tom Maior") - who was dancing atop a float Angolan style.  There was beautiful choreography portraying Angola's civil war and the near 30 years of strife they faced, which I thought was breathtaking.  

X-9, Mancha Verde, Gaviões, Tucuruvi, and Vai-Vai all had great shows as well, along with the rest of the schools, but I'll be here all day if I talk a little bit about all of them.  

Now I have a movie date with a friend (R$4 Mondays at this great movie theater here!) and then I need to start getting ready for my own personal parade at the club tonight ;-) But here's a clip of Tom Maior's desfile FYE!

beijosss e Feliz Carnaval!!!

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