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Okay, okay, so plugs are annoying... 

but this one's fun!

My friend and I, Paty (who also has a great blog in Portuguese if you want to check it out - Tudo um Pouco) decided to start a new blog on São Paulo.  The two of us, along with some other friends, love to roam the city, discover new restaurants and bars, go to fun shows and innovative artsy events and overall explore São Paulo, as you've seen me talk a lot about in my blog. 

And so São Paulo City, or Sampa City or City Sampa, or whatever you want to call our new blog, was born.  We're going to be doing a lot of our own writing, but also will have a number of guest contributors to talk about things we're less versed in, but would like to include in the blog.  So far, we have done a few restaurant and bar reviews, my post on malls in São Paulo was reproduced and translated into Portuguese.  Paty has talked about the poetry of one of our favorite neighborhoods (which just so happens to be home to yours truly), and this week, get ready for something super exciting on the blog... 

We were able to pull some strings, and Paty's sister, a fashion designer and architecture student at USP is going to be covering São Paulo Fashion Week for us and the Oi Acontece blog! Very exciting, isn't it?! We're also going to be having photography by Paty herself, and Aline Lata, and look out for a music review and preview on Los Hermanos by our very talented musician friend, PH.  

I know this post was very commercial, and I promise not to do this much, but I'm VERY excited about the blog, and hope you, as my readers, will be too!! Oh, and did I mention the blog is in Portuguese and English? Yes, we're that good :-)

Also, if you're on Twitter, we'll be putting up constant updates of ongoings in the city, so if you're in São Paulo, I highly encourage following us @sampacity.  I, myself am on Twitter too if you'd like to follow me!! @_polyana 

Thanks for putting up with my publicity post full of fun links, and I'll be in touch soon! 


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