The Simple Life

By 20:55

10 days is a long time away from the craziness that is São Paulo and I'll go into full detail of my adventures in Minas Gerais for the holidays, but now that I'm back in SP, have my laptop and am not being attacked by mosquitos, I could not go any longer without posting briefly about my experience in Soares, the farm community where my grandmother has a small house and some land which lies between Coroaci and Virgolandia, two small towns in the east of MG. 
I was blown away by my two days there for a number of reasons. 

First of all, the people and the simplicity of the peoples' way of life there. Never in my life have I met people who were so humble and had so much faith and truly live a simple life in the middle
 of nowhere. My father and his family lived here for a number of years and everyone there is a "compadre" or "comadre" to everyone in my family - meaning my grandparents, aunts, uncles, and my father, have either baptized their children or have participated in their weddings. With the country accent, it was pronounced more like, "Coom-pah-gi," and "Cu-mah-gi." "Compadres," are like family in Brazil (or at least for my family), so needless to say, I was treating... like family. Every home I went to, I was greeted as, "a filha do Expedito," "you look just like your father," "is your dad still as handsome as when he left [20 years ago]?," "minha filha (my daughter)," etc. One of the couples, Cumpade Genário and Cumade Maria had my grandmother, uncle, and I over for lunch, serving fresh grains and fruits cooked on their fogão de lenha and Genário giving me a wonderful little gift - a bottle of fresh cachaça he had made! Anyone who knows cachaça knows the best comes from Minas!

And the fooooddd. I couldn't step in a house without being bombarded with coffee, home made cookies, cheese, bread, juice, and lunch (rice, beans, meat, veggies). I also had a cold while I was there, so my grandmother made me a number of teas from plants right outside her door and everyone would offer me tea or some other miraculous medicinal plant for my horrendous cough.

And finally - mother nature. Never have I seen so much GREEN and springs everywhere, and... mud (my feet got a nice mud mask). There are flowers and animals chillin' in my grandma's front yard (poor things have no idea they're going to be eaten anytime soon - and people know whose chickens are whose!), springs all over the highway on the way there, vegetables and fruits galore. The best part is, all of mother nature is taken advantage of by the people in Soares but at the same time restored and taken care of. 
Needless to say, I had a wonderful time there and got to relax and learn to have a fresh take on life... except for one thing. Mosquitoes + allergy to bites + lack of reppelent = bad news. Ahh, guess you can't have everything :-) I'm going to go back to my novela and scatching my mosquito bites on my leg now.

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