Paulistanos: The Americans of Brazil?

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I feel my blog has been lacking some humor as of late.  And since my friends are convinced I'm not funny as hard as I try to convince myself I am, I feel I can do funny by using others' creativity.  

One thing I say time and again is that Paulistanos think they're at the center of the universe.  At one point last week, I said something "Mineiro," and my friend turns and goes, "Polyana voltou toda mineira, tem que falar paulistano!"  Of course I came back mineira, I was in the first place, and it's this city that's making me lose my cute mineirísses.  So I retorted with "Why?  So the rest of the country can hate me?" 

And this leads me to my comparison between Paulistanos and Americans.  My theory is the following: 

Paulistanos:Brazil as United States (Americans):The World

Remember that from SAT's? Was there an "as" in there?

Everyone has seen the famous American Map of the World, right? 

Well, look what the Paulistano brought in to compete!!  (btw, it was the same friend who told me to talk Paulistano who told me about the map...) 

Here's a brief explanation as to why these categories:

- Não Existe - doesn't exist - Nobody here really know what state that is... (I'll plead ignorance, neither do I)

- Só Mato - Just Woods -  These are a series of states that have very rich natural resources - i.e., the Amazon, a number of cattle raising is in this area, etc. 

- Bahia - Many paulistanos are bitter that masses of people from the northeast of the country have migrated to SP in search for a better life and taken all their jobs/brought violence to the city (for those outside Brazil - ring a bell???)

- Duplas Sertanejas - Country Duos/ets - These duos of musicians are pretty popular here in Brazil, known to be from Goias, and they're semi-country.  Okay, really country. 

- Queijo - Cheese - I TOLD YOU Minas is known for its cheese!! 

- Sem Importância - Unimportant - Espirito Santo is a state that to some Brazilians, doesn't have much to offer culturally, economically, or touristy.  Which I would say is untrue, being that a number of my family members from Minas travel there often for the beaches! 

- Argentina Brasileira - Brazilian Argentina - Long story short... South Americans tend to dislike Argentines and Paulistanos tend to dislike Cariocas (people from Rio)

- Santos - is a coastal town in São Paulo state.  If someone says they're going to the beach for the weekend, it's assumed they're going to Santos.  

- Gostosas - Hot Women - Santa Catarina and Parana breed top models.  Hence, gostosas. 

- Bichas - A Not so Nice word for gay men - Porto Alegre, the capital of Rio Grande do Sul, the southern-most state in Brazil, is known to have a high population of gay men.  

It's stereotypical, but come on... you have to admit it's kind of funny, just like the American World Map, no? 




ps - shoutout to momma and papa dukes (my parents) who are completing 26 years of marital bliss the 15th of january (tomorrow or today depending on your time zone).  and by wedding bliss, i mean, as i told my mother on the phone just now, "You have to go out and celebrate for putting up with each other for that long!" to which she replied, "Now there's something to pat myself on the back for..." talk about comic relief! *sigh. i miss my parents. 

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