Fun Activities Around SP in a Week!

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I'm so sorry it's been a while, but I have wonderful excuses.  Besides workin' like crazy this past week, I also had a crazy social life.  I literally went out every night this past week and didn't have my computer for a few days since I lent it to my friend Denise to cover SPFW for our blog, São Paulo City

So here's the rundown for my past week, and I'll elaborate later in posts on São Paulo City.  I'll have a number of parallel posts there and here from now on.  Only here I'll talk more about my experiences and there will be more about the actual places I've been.  Make sense much? 
Monday - I went to Posto 6, a bar a few blocks away from my apartment with a new friend.  It was a GORGEOUS night out, so I made it a point to sit outside on the sidewalk.  It's a corner bar known for it's meat appetizers that are served on a mini grill they bring to the table.  We took full advantage and ordered one with 6 different meats and veggies... mmm.   

Tuesday - It was my friend Rogério's birthday and going away.  He left for NY this past week, and this next week is embarking on a 40 day trip through Europe (jealous!).  He chose Exquisito to celebrate, and this is one of my favorite bars yet in São Paulo!  In Portuguese, Esquisito means something that's strange, but in Spanish, and with the spelling the bar uses, it means... well, Exquisite.  It's a fusion bar that mixes everything Latin America, from Guatemalan appetizers to Chilean empanadas, to Cuban mojitos, you can find the best of Latin America there and I could literally sit there all night just enjoying the eclectic tunes, looking at all the different posters and pictures on the walls, and watching the PEOPLE there.  If you like people watching, Exquisito is your spot!  I met a lot of cool new people there that night, friends of Rogérios, which wasn't surprising because he's wonderful, so it was definitely a well-worth Tuesday night out.  You must check out the Exquisito website so you can see how much fun the bar is!

 Wednesday - I went to my first Samba School Rehearsal at Camisa Verde e Branco, which was SO much fun!  I've included a video I uploaded on  YouTube in this post so you can get a sneak peak.  Please watch the whole thing so you can see the little girl who appears with the gorgeous mulattas I hope to look like when I grow up.  She's the cutest thing EVER.  My friends and I liked it so much we're going to another school's rehearsal this week! :-) 

Thursday - Coffee at Starbucks because it was "cold" out (i.e., about 60 degrees fahrenheit, lol - I'm getting really Brazilian) :-) Nothing too exciting.  

Friday - I left work and went to the closing events of São Paulo Fashion Week (SPFW) with my friend Rosangela from work.  It was packed since it was the last night, and we got to watch the last runway show on a big screen outside the actual show, watching the balloons that were in the middle drop with "Alegria, Alegria," playing in the background and went into some of the sponsors' lounges.  I'll be translating Denise's coverage from São Paulo City to English and let you know once that's up too!  She got to watch a couple of shows and seemed to have had a lot of fun spending 3 days at SPFW!  This season's SPFW celebrated Carmen Miranda's 100th birthday, and since she was my inspiration for this blog, it was quite exciting, so look forward to a post on that this week.  I then went to meet up with some friends for Empanadas at a bar named Empanadas near my house.  And then passed out on my bed... 

Saturday was laid back.  At night, I went to my friend Zé's house outside the city for a cookout and ended up sleeping over.  I hung out with some friends I hadn't seen in a while, so it was definitely nice to see them all again!  

Sunday morning, I participated in the São Paulo Bike Tour for the city's 455th Birthday!  Paty and I were invited to cover it by Vivo, a cell phone operator here, for our blog, and we were given the bikes everyone else got and VIP press passes to go to a special lounge before and after the event!!  We rode 10 km through the city and 5,000 people participated, so it was really quite spectacular.  I'll post more pictures from that soon, since Paty used her camera this time for our coverage. :-) 

Needless to say, I'm exhausted and plan on staying in a LOT this week. 

That means I'll have more time to dedicate to you and blogging! 

beijoossss and here's the video I promised:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

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