Good Movie Week

By 20:06

For those who know me, I am notorious for bad taste in two different things: movies and men.  No offense to any ex of mine reading this - I have dated one or two attractive and good men here and there... but back to the movie part.  I'm known by my friends for being obsessed with romantic comedies, not enjoying movies where you have to "think," too much to watch them, and those big epic movies (Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, etc.) - I fall asleep through those.  

Since living in Brazil, I have met and been hanging out with some people who have extremely "good," taste in moviesBold, and therefore, have been somewhat forced to watch good movies since I haven't made friends who have as horrible taste in film as I do.  This past week was a great example.  I watched many movies, actually.  Good movies.  And I now have a newfound appreciation for them.  

I watched Into the Wild, a couple of weeks ago, actually, with my friend Gi, who downloaded it for us (oh yeah, downloading movies and bootleg DVD's are where it's at in Brazil since they're so expensive here).  This movie, directed by Sean Penn.  I then watched on Sunday with Paty, Todo Sobre Mi Madre, an Almodóvar masterpiece; Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind, a Gondry film; and then guiltily watched A Cinderella Story - yes, the Hillary Duff one... I loved every minute of it).  

Tuesday, I forgot my wallet at work, as well as a number of other things.   It was one of those days that was a "if my head wasn't attached to my neck..." type deal.  So I went home with Paty and our friend Renato, two cine-holics, and we watched Fargo, a Coen Brothers movie, and one of Renato's favorites.  

Thursday night, exhausted, I curled up under my covers, opened my laptop, and watched another Gi downloaded movie, Vicky Cristina Barcelona, Woody Allen's newest movie which won a Globe, didn't it?  That same night, Eugenia's friend who is moving to a new and smaller apartment, asked us if we wouldn't mind keeping his collection of 100+ DVD's at our apartment, in our huge entertainment center piece of furniture which was empty.  We didn't think twice and are now proud "owners" of a DVD library.  My friend Tiago, another movie expert was here last night and told me there are some really good movies there.    

Today, I went to the movies with Renato to watch The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, a David Fincher movie, inspired by F. Scott Fitzgerald's short story, and starring (*sigh) Brad Pitt.

Where am I going with this post?  Nowhere, really.  I just wanted to proclaim to the world that I think I'm starting to like good movies.  Finally.  Maybe my taste for movies has become more mature, or I'm finally in a state of mind to appreciate movies that talk about real love, the value of life, and dark comedy.  Or maybe I'm starting to find value in cinematography, lighting, scenery, etc.  I still have a long way to go, however.  I think I need to learn to choose the so-called good movies on my own because not gonna lie, I raided our new library and am watching The Nanny Diaries right now as opposed to any of the good movies Tiago recommended.  Needless to say, I think my movie cultured friends in Brazil have been a good influence on me, and I highly recommend watching all of the above (but especially Todo Sobre Mi Madre, Fargo, and Benjamin Button).  Does anyone have any recommendations for me?  

Now if only someone would influence me to ameliorate my taste in men...                                                                               

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