World AIDS Day - Forgotten by Some?

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This one's a quickie but a rant. 

Yesterday was World AIDS Day.  I have always been involved in activities promotings HIV/AIDS education and prevention on this day (in my college & high school days) and was very upset at myself even for not trying to organize anything at work yesterday.  Regardless of this, I was eager to see what other people who are much better human beings than myself were doing yesterday.  So where do I go first? 

My beloved NY Times.  Nope, nothing on the home page or the health page. 

Washington Post? nada. zip. zilch. 

BBC? After much searching... ONE article. 

Folha? A few pictures in the slideshow of pictures showing what people were doing all over the world. 

Globo? TONS of articles and pictures and campaigns going on all over Brazil and the world! 

*whew. DEMOROU.  It makes me really upset that AIDS is getting put on the back burner and people are pretending it's not as big a problem as it really is.  Which again, is why I was upset at myself once again.  I've been telling myself I need to get back to volunteering, and since HIV/AIDS Education is something I've always done, I was thinking of moving on to something else... but yesterday's reality check made me realize I need to start looking for some sort of organization here in SP ASAP for me to start getting to word BACK on the street.  What did make me feel better about the whole situation though, is... despite the attacks in Mumbai and flooding in Santa Catarina, Globo was able to make an effort to educate yesterday.  So kudos to Globo and shame on you New York Times!  

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