A Very Happy End of 2008 (Almost!)

By 15:44

This has been quite a week. 

Work has been kind of hectic because everyone's trying to get things done before we leave for vacation time Tuesday, the 23rd (and don't come back till Jan. 5th! woohoo!). 

Tuesday, I met up with my friends Jen and Eder for dinner at the oh-so-classy Habib's.  Jen's one of my good (or great!) friends from college who's from São Paulo but lives in Boston, and is home for the holidays!  It was so great seeing her and knowing she's around.  I met Eder through her, and it was just so wonderful to sit at the restaurant for hoursss and just talk about nonsense.  Eder and I also spent most of the time trying to convince her to stay in Brazil, but that's another story.   

Wednesday was our  company end-of-the-year party, and what a party it was!!  It was at a bar not far from where I live, and we get there to an open bar of caipirinhas of tons of different fruits and a selection of liquor (cachaça, vodka or sake), red label rx (my drink of the night), draft beer galore, sodas and water, etc. and then the famous hors d'oeuvres - mini everything wonderful from bruschetta to burgers. 

And then there was a D.J... Hence, open bar + dj + stressed out young professionals = good times.  It was a great opportunity to talk to people I almost never talk to from work.  People who work in different departments were hanging out as if they were BFF's and dancing up a STORM - which to me was everything wonderful.  I myself am one who loves to dance, and give me a few whiskeys and I'll take over the dance floor like it's my job (and by that I'm not encouraging anyone to get any ideas!).  Gifts at the door upon exiting?  Havaianas and a water bottle :-) 

After the party, we hit up a 24 hour McDonald's and when I got home, I passed out on my bed and woke up at around 9:30 with no headache or hangover (God bless Red Label).  Got into work at about quarter of 11 and was one of the first ones in.  Needless to say, the party was a success... or disaster depending on who you talk to, haha.

I'm interested - anyone reading this already have their company parties?  How were your experiences?  It's always interesting to see how they work here in Brazil as compared to the U.S.  I went to and worked at (I was a banquet server for a while in CT) tons in the U.S. and this certainly was the most laid back and fun one I've been to - but that might have to do with the fact that about 99.9% of the company is under 40 and half of us single?  Or is it just a Brazilian thing? 

Other than that, one of my friends from work is in labor right now at the hospital, and we're super anxious to meet our little one, Georgia, as soon as she pops out!! It's my cousin's technical high school graduation tonight, and tomorrow I'm going to take on 25 de Março, SP's version of NY's ChinaTown, with my friend PH, the Saturday before Christmas because I'm the best niece ever (more on that tomorrow or Sunday, if I make it).

Good update, no?  I haven't done this in a while.  More on the weekend to come soon! 


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