Sonhar é Melhor Que Nada!

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For a while now, I've been contemplating things I need to do in life to make it... better. I was in that "I need to start doing me, and forgetting the rest," phase. But things within my reach, per sé. i.e., to start eating better, exercising, saving money, taking better care of my appearance, start looking at post-graduate programs, volunteering... you know, the usual things you can't fit into your life but which are essential - or at least the rest of the world seems to be doing it and doing well.

While searching for something online (since that's literally my life!), I stumbled across some poems and quotes by one of my favorite Brazilian authors, Luís Fernando Veríssimo. And I read this one which put everything into perspective for me. So I decided to share my translation with you. If you're interested in reading the Portuguese version, I found it on this page:


I think it's funny. Tomatoes prevent this, onions prevent that, chocolate is good for you, chocolate is bad for you, a glass of wine a day is no problem, any drop of alcohol is harmful, drink a lot of water, but don't go overboard...

Given this profusion of discoveries, I think it's safest to not change any of my habits.

I know exactly what does well and what doesn't for my personal health.

Pleasure does me wonders.
Sleep leaves me feeling like a brand new car (0 Km)
Reading a good book makes me feel "spick and span."
Travelling stresses me out before going, but once I return, I feel 5 years younger.
Arguing gives me cardiac arrhythmia.
Seeing stupid people turns my stomach.
Watching people throwing beer cans out car windows makes me lose all faith in humanity.
And TV journalism... doctors should ban this - oh how they hurt!
Walking is good, dancing does me well, keeping quiet when a discussion is rampid, does wonders! You exercise auto-control and wake up the next day not regretting a thing.
Waking up in the moring regretting what you said or did last night is harmful to one's health!
And spending the rest of the day without the courage to say sorry is even worse!
Not saying sorry for our blunders gives you cancer, and no tomato or mozzarella can prevent that.
Going to the movies, getting a seat in the middle of the row all the way in the back, and not having anyone blocking your vision, or a cell phone ringing is spectacular, wow!
Movies are better for your health than popcorn!
Chats are better than jokes.
Exercise is better than surgery.
Humor is better than rancor.
Friends are better than influential people.
Savings are better than debt.
Questions are better than doubts.
To dream is better than anything!


How true? The good news is, I already do a lot of what he says (*whew). But sometimes it's true. We have to put aside what everyone else says is good for us and start "doing me" more often by also "listening to me!"

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