Donations to Victims of Flood in Santa Catarina

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I was so caught up in my rant yesterday and have been so caught up with myself recently that I forgot to mention the floods in Santa Catarina (in the South of Brazil) which I'm sure most of you have (or haven't, if you're not looking to the best news sources in the U.S. :-P) which have killed over 115 people, 30 missing, and displaced close to 80,000 (which has fallen to about 35,000 today, a week or so later).

One girl who I work with's family is from Blumenau, one of the cities hit, and she was actually there when the storms hit. Her grandfather was interviewed by Globo and talks about their experience here. We were able to, as an agency, raise R$5.000 of our money and are collecting all sorts of clothes, appliances, and the works for her family. Not only here at our agency, but the entire country (and world!) has been mobilizing to aid these people. About R$12 million has been raised so far in monetary aid and 800 tons of food. The state overall is a "rich" state, but a number of the cities hit are very poor cities and the cost of damages is overwhelming for any population.

Something I've found interesting too has been that you can donate money directly into state run bank accounts built just for the cause which facilitates the process! Here's a site built by Google (had to put a Google plug in!) where they make available information about the disaster and bank account numbers you can deposit money into. Please note you can make deposits even if you're not in Brazil!

Also, for those of you reading this who are friends of mine or know me and my family, I was thinking of starting a clothes drive from the U.S. (namely Fairfield County, CT or anywhere near there, where my parents live) with my parents and people from our church to help the victims of Blumenau. If you think you'd be able to help or would like in, please let me know and I'll hook you up with my parents! If you don't know me, or don't have the privilege of living near my parents, having missed out on my mother's cooking your entire lives - and would like to start something similar (even if it's collecting monetary donations) at your jobs, colleges, churches, etc. ALSO PLEASE let me know and I will do my best to get you connected to organizations and families in Santa Catarina or here in Brazil!

Thanks for reading this, sharing this information and all of your help!!!


ps - More information on the Santa Catarina Floods @ Folha Online (PT) & Brazzil Magazine (EN)

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