Career Decisions... Or Just Plain Finding a Job in Brazil?

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One of the readers of my blog commented asking me to post about how I found a job "in my area," here in Brazil, so I decided to post on that since it's super relevant to how I feel about my life right now. 

The fact of the matter is, I haven't found a job, "in my area," which I suppose would be International Relations.  In Brazil, it's very important you find a job in what you majored in in college.  So much, that it was very hard for me to find a job, period.  In order to get a good, entry-level job in São Paulo, but this might qualify for most major cities in Brazil, you need three things to be successful in your job hunt:

1. Bachelor's degree relevant to the job you're applying for - i.e., don't apply for a business consulting position if you're a political science major (which is completely acceptable in the U.S.).  This is probably the case because here in Brazil, degrees are usually more practice and less theory - which I seemed to findt he case in the U.S. of A.
2. Some knowledge of the English language (maybe not all, but the positions I was looking for at least.  I mean, hey - it's a major competitive advantage of mine!)
3. EXPERIENCE.  Here, a lot of people leave college with at least 2 long term internships on their backs.  And by this, I mean full time day jobs and go to college at night.  That made my measley 3 month internships and part time volunteer work suspicious. 

There are obviously other things like, connections, personality for the job, skills, etc.; but in my experience the above were certainly the most relevant.  I ended up landing my job because of a reference from one of my private students, who happens to be a director where I work today.  I'm not saying I wasn't qualified for the job! haha.  I had worked in web development sales with my friend's cousin, Nelson @ ClicROI  and he taught me tons of what I needed before starting to work with the more technical aspects of SEO at Media Contacts, where I am today.  

Needless to say, finding work in Brazil, in one's "area," is tough.  Especially since there's so much competition out there and people are so particular about hiring people with certain degrees and skills sets, not considering training on the job for many of these positions.      

Which brings me to my next dilemma and ultimate goal for 2009: going back to school! 
If I'm going to be in Brazil for much longer, it's crucial I pick a degree program which will suit my next career move.  Do  I want to stay in Publicity/Online Marketing?  Do I want to try to get a masters in something IR related?  an international MBA?  What do you think?  Study something I love to study or something that'll help me grow in a career  (I think) I might like.  hehe, opinions are always welcome!   

Well, before this post gets too long, and speaking of 2009, I probably won't post till after Christmas, so I'd like to wish anyone out there reading this a very Merry Christmas,  a Happy Hanukkah, Kwanza or whatever it is you celebrate this time of year (even if it's nothing at all, at least the fact there's a new year around the corner!).  But I promise to post before the new year!  Tomorrow night I head to Minas, so get excited for mee!! 

beiijjooss e BOAS FESTAS :-)

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