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So after extensive searching for roomates far and wide, through friends, family, and even (eek!) the internet @, I finally found 2 lovely people ... online.

In the U.S. we don't think twice about going on Craigslist, looking up rooms to rent, advertising our apartments where we have rooms for rent, and hosting "open houses" where we invite everyone interested to come see our place and through rigorous selection over drinks, the original roommates decide who they like the best and call them to let them know they've been, "selected." It's almost like finding a job, no?

Here when I said I was going to put an ad online on a website looking for roommates, a number of people were like, "
NO! You're not in the US of A anymore sunshine..."

???? Brazilians, and I have noticed especially Paulistanos, have a culture of not trusting people very easily, and granted - they have reason to with all of the crime, violence,
golpes, and overall untrustworthy people all over the place. After continuous attempts to give "preference" to friends and friends of friends who couldn't make up their minds or would decide not to move in at the last minute, however, I gave in and put up an ad on the site.

In 2 days, I had over 30 e-mails and 7 people had visited the apartment. One girl who went the second night, Eugenia, was my all time favorite. She moved to São Paulo a year and a half ago from Bahia after work, works in press and communications, and is super close to her family that's far away. She loves her a samba club, is single, and super optimistic and funny. We ended up talking for about 2 hours and when we looked at the time, it was 23h15, and I told her that I thought she was super cool and that I think it would work out for her to live with me. And after a couple of days, I called her to confirm and she accepted and moved in last Saturday!

While Eugenia was moving in Saturday morning, I had scheduled for one other guy, Bruno, to go to the apartment to see it that morning and he showed up right after she had gotten there. He so gentlemanly (and maybe also interested in sucking up because he was looking to move to the place, haha) helped carry boxes and her bed up to the apartment and after his workout we chatted for a bit as well. Eugenia and I fell in love with him (not in the romantic way) right away and I told him I'd give him an answer in a few days because one of my friends from work (this is a fact) was supposed to go see the apartment. My friend told me on Monday she wasn't moving out of her house now afterall, so I called Bruno, and he accepted as well! He's a super sweet, 20 something, helpful guy who works in IT and cooks!!

Other than that, we've been buying more essentials. The apartment already came with closets, a huge entertainment center type furniture in the living room, and a stove/oven. Apartments here in Brazil usually come with none of the above, haha. So I have bought a brand new washer and a semi-new fridge from a girl from work (thanks Mãe e Pai - my dad says they're my wedding gifts, haha), and my friend's parents donated their sofas to me!! The washer's at the apt already and the fridge and sofas should be coming in tomorrow. Eugenia's buying us a cute kitchen table, and her friend's donating a TV and DVD :-) Other than that, I've also gotten random donations from my aunt and Paty's mother (<3>

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