Online Social Networking in Brazil.

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For those who don't know, I work with the internet. SEO, primarily. My blog is not a good example of my expertise in SEO, but who wants to deal with work when you're not supposed to be working, right?

Yesterday though, I listened in on part of a webinar via comScore, which was somewhat of a follow up to a press release they made which was all over the internet (at least on Brazilian sites) last week. This was the not-so-surprising to me, but oh-so-surprising to the rest of the world that 85% of internet users in Brazil access social networking sites (namely Google owned Orkut). Now, let's do some math here... according to Nielsen Online, an average of 36 million and some change people in Brazil accessed the internet in the month of October. 36 + 6 zeros times 0.85 = about 31 million people in Brazil using social networking today. Also according to Nielsen, Brazil is the country with the 6th highest number of internet users in the world.

Why do I care about any of these stats and what can we learn from this?

Well, first and foremost... it makes me feel good about my career choice. Looks like I'm in the right industry at the right time. :-)

Secondly, it proves Brazil's economic and social development (the top 5 countries in internet use are the US, China, Japan, India & Germany, respectively - and our population is lower than 3 of the 5). Higher numbers of internet users is a clear indicator of this nowadays, so kudos to Brazil because a few years ago, this was not something expected. This also goes to show those who are less informed that we don't all live in the jungle here... *sigh.

And finally, one point I have tried to emphasize through a number of posts and the director of Latin America for comScore noted in the press release was this:

"For internet users in Brazil, social networking continues to flourish as a hugely popular activity... One likely reason for social networking's success in Brazil is that its concept of online community closely aligns with the culture in Brazil, which is also centered on a strong sense of community and social activity." - Alex Banks.

So duh that Brazilians are big on social networking online. Internet usage overall in Brazil, however is growing at an incredible pace - I mean, if you're online for social reasons, you're bound to come across a blog post, news article, video, new band, etc. Needless to say, Brazil and the internet are doing well together these days... and it's pretty exciting to be a part of it all!

beijoooss, but especially to all my other internet geeks out there!

ps - speaking of geeks - how do we feel about the new layout? I apologize for changing it up on you all the time!!!

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