The Brazilian Male in the Club Scene.

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My past few posts have been about politics, education, work, etc... I feel I've been lacking something a little more superficial, so why don't we turn to that today, no? Let's talk about... men. 

Saturday I went out with some friends to a samba rock club called Teatro Mars.  It was one of those nights where I didn't really feel like being out, I wasn't drinking, and was really just out because it was my friend Stefan's last night in Brazil before going to Germany and I wasn't going to let him leave on a bad note, am I right?  To make things worse, this club has tons of people who are really good samba rock dancers (and I am not... my motto at these places is if something sounds like samba, I'm going to samba...).  So imagine me, half dancing, and trying to learn samba rock, samba-ing at the wrong times, and 100% sober.  Depressing, no? 

Being sober and not really looking for anyone or anything out of that night, however, helped me to analyze the Brazilian man and his attempts at coming on to girls.  Just an FYI, I'm not one of those girls who turns her nose up at guys.  I'm kind of a big flirt because after all if you're single and at a club, where's the harm in it? - so I may contribute to the behavior mentioned here.  I was fortunate (or unfortunate) enough to have been approached by every type of typical Brazilian straight male at this club, so here's a rundown with descriptions.

1. O Xavequeiro - xaveco more or less means to hit on someone incessantly by flattering them but never getting anywhere with intelligent girls, at least.  I was doing my thing, samba-ing when I should've been samba-rocking (which is danced in pairs, btw), when this one typical cap & baggy shorts wearing paulistano guy pulls me to dance with him.  I tell him I can't, so he goes, "samba, samba, samba." So I did.  Then he starts with his "game." You know what the best part of your samba is? Your smile... and when I asked him what his name was he said, The love of your life.  *sigh... ninguem merece.    He then gave me a kiss on the cheek and said he was going to look for me later.  I saw him dancing with tons of other girls the rest of the night and running into him while I was leaving, he said he looked for me but couldn't find me.  And that he's going to show up at Teatro Mars every Saturday so he can see me again.

2. Cute & Stupid - My friend was trying to help me get the trumpet player in the band's attention at one point by giving me orders to be silly and flirty and sexy in front of him (hey, we were bored and sober, okay?), and while he didn't look up twice to see me looking ridiculous, somebody else did.  This super cute guy grabbed my hand and asked me to dance.  At first he goes, "Not gonna lie, I don't know how to dance, I just thought you were beautiful and wanted an excuse to talk to you."  And I said, "Well, I'm pretty hopeless at samba rock too," so he says, "Well, let's make stuff up then." aawww.  After two minutes, that got kind of tiring and conversation dwindled.  He admitted he was pretty wasted and didn't really have much to talk about, so when he said he was getting a beer and asked if I wanted one, I said, "No thanks, but please go get your beer." 

3. The White Guy - This guy is the closest to a typical American white guy - and since this is the species I'm used to, we'll call him the White Guy.  Towards the end of the night, they were playing sambaaaa, and so I was going nuts because... all modesty aside for one second... I can sambaaaa.  Ok, back to reality.  This one tall, curly haired, seemingly shy guy starts dancing around my friends and I.  I turn to my friend and go, "Do we know him?  Is he friends with that friend of yours who's here?" and she goes, "I don't know..."  So we let him dance with us... And so he started to chat with me a little. Seemingly intelligent.  Mildly drunk - not bad for 4 AM.  Tall & curly hair - 2 points there... and my friend who was driving pulls on my shirt and says, "Let's go home." I say goodbye to my new friend and he says, "Not even a kiss on the cheek?" *sigh.  Kiss on the cheek goodbye and we're out. 

There was of course, the drunken let's make out guy, the let me stare you down and maybe that'll make you come over here guy, the will you teach me to dance fool, and the guy who was pissed you didn't make out with him and didn't give him a good reason as to why... 

I'm not trying to toot my own horn with this post.  This was not a very typcial night for me in the field of men, but needless to say, it was much more flirting and attention I had anticipated that night.  Jeez, why are girls so flattered by attention?!  All I know is, if I had to pick between the 3 I explained above... this weekend just proved even more that I'm destined for white guy-dom. *sigh. 

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