Birthday Blues?

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For those who don't know me, I LOVE birthdays. I'm "that" girl who plans all her friends' birthdays (please don't make me out to be a lier here - I need some confirmation from my friends, lol) and makes it a point to call her friends at midnight or write cutesy Facebook wall messages, and all the works.

And loving birthdays, I also tend to love MY birthday a lot. Not because of the attention and the mass messages sent online and phone calls. It is my one and only opportunity all year to bring all of MY favorite people together in one place and to just be in and enjoy their presence. It's the only night of the year where I solely call the shots on who I want to hang out with and could care less about who knows who or who gets along with who. This is my favorite part of my birthday.

This year is going to be the most different of all, though. For many reasons. Yesterday I spoke with my father on the phone and he said, "I was thinking this the other day, and this is going to be your first birthday where we won't be together," and in his classic style (I totally get this from my dad), reverting sad situations into humorous ones, digressed by saying how old he's getting now that I'm getting older and that he still refuses to tell people he has a 22 year old daughter let alone 23! But the first thing he said stuck in my head and I haven't been able to get it out...

I'm excited for my birthday this year. Don't get me wrong. I'm going to spend a full weekend packed with events (TBD for those who are curious - Any suggestions from those who know of things going on?) I know I will strategically plan to suit everyone's taste in baladas, and craft the most well thought out drink menus to celebrate with all of my favorite people in my new home in São Paulo. But I've never spent a birthday away from my parents and some of my friends from the U.S. have always made it a point to be at my birthday celebrations. Even when I was in Providence for my birthday, my mom would always make it a point to have a family and friends thing at our house when I went home for Thanksgiving.

This year, not only will I not have Thanksgiving (!!!), I won't have a birthday party with my parents and some of my faves. I know I have to tough it up and this isn't the worst of my problems or anyone else's for that matter. It's actually quite petty relative to other things to be sad about. But I guess this is just one of the things that comes with making the sort of decision I made.

No pressure on the international phone calls next week or anything.

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