US Immigration Policy: Can't Make Up Their Minds.

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I admit, after so many years of fighting and reading up on and studying US Immigration Law and Policies, I have been WAY out of the loop since I've gotten to Brazil.

After reading a column from the Washington Post from today's edition (Hitting A Wall On Immigration) however, I see I haven't missed out on much...

The Senate vote in 2007 against implementing new immigration policy through a highly debated and super close call bill was certainly a great turning point in my life. I foresought and asked some experts in the field to confirm my worries that since that wasn't approved, not much was going to be done for at least another couple of years. Their feedback, and all eyes on BRIC made me more confident in my decision to move to Brazil once and for all. This was also accompanied by a general feeling of disgust towards the US government and immigration policy for the past 20 years in general (which I still feel, but that's just personal, so if you're offended, I apologize, there isn't much I can do).

Before coming to Brazil, a lot of people tried to convince me not to. They said I wouldn't get used to it here, that the economy was a wreck, that things didn't come as easily, and the the thing I heard the most was: "Just wait until the elections, everything will change once a new president is elected." One thing these people with "words of wisdom," (mind you this included immigration lawyers, who were the ones I trusted the least for this kind of advice :-P) failed to realize was that unfortunately immigration isn't necessarily on the top of either of the candidate's list. Why is this?

a. Undocumented immigrants & those with Green Cards don't vote, so why should they spend their campaign millions on them?

b. The country is in a financial crisis which both candidates fail to see have anything to do with immigration policy.


c. No position will make a majority of either party's voters happy!

The latter point is the Catch-22 of US Immigration Policy, and as much as I'd like to sit here and give all my reasoning for why immigration is positive for the economy, culture, and overall progress of the U.S. (I have a 20 page paper I can send you on this from my Economic Development class at PC if you want to take a look at it!), that's not going to do anything to help because of point a. and b. But I will say one thing... on one hand, the incompetance of the U.S. government has made my life take me places I had never imagined - I am experiencing life on a level unthought of to most of my peers growing up. On the other hand, it hurts to see my parents and many of my friends trapped in a country that doesn't make an effort to pay them back for their hard work and in a situation that's completely out of their hands.
Mas fazer o que? The billions of undocumented immigrants putting their blood and sweat into Uncle Sam's land clearly isn't as important as Sarah Palin's pregnant daughter.

Excuse my language at this point, but...
Silly American Bastards...

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