Traffic Free

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I've talked about the ridiculously overbearing traffic in São Paulo already, right? Well, just in case I have or haven't, here goes Exhibit A from a video promoting international day without cars which was last month: Dia Mundial Sem Carro.

Why do I bring this up? First of all, because there hasn't been one day I have gone to work (or anywhere for that matter) without facing this traffic since I've gotten to São Paulo. Secondly, because today I got to work traffic free! I slept at my new apartment last night for the first time :-), and after getting up at a lazy 8 AM, leaving the apt at around 8:40 while eating a goiaba on the way out, I decided to walk to the train station which is about 1,8 km (about 1 mile) from my apartment. I could take a 5 minute bus ride, but we'll leave that for my lazy days. Of course I got lost, stopped and asked for directions twice, but made it there in about 20 minutes (for those who don't know me and think this is fast - I walk way too quickly for my own good). I hopped on the train, and 20 minutes later was at work!

And to top it off, it's a BEAUTIFUL day today, so I got some sun, got hit on by old men which is always funny/entertaining/flattering when it was the cute guy in the bakery where I stopped to ask for directions (kind of reminds me of the good ol' days walking to the metro in DC in the scorchingly hot sun on Georgia Ave.), and the walking was wonderful exercise!

La vie est belle sans traffique.

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