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Let's call this Rio Week, no?

This past weekend in Rio opened my eyes to something I'd always heard of, but never quite understood because I hadn't experienced it. I'd always heard of a rivalry between Cariocas and Paulistanos (people from Rio and São Paulo, respectively). Okay, makes sense, right? It's like a NY v. Boston type rivalry. Friendly enough, but not at all. Yet there are Cariocas living in SP and vice versa, and people from all over Brazil in both cities, so no one can complain much, really. Right?

Well, if you haven't gotten the point through previous posts yet, Brazilians are some of the proudest people you'll find on the planet, and this pride becomes even more personal when it comes to home states. This is probably because each state has its own unique culture, accent, demographics, socio-economic situation, etc. And it's not even a "you say tom-ei-toh, i say toh-mah-toh" deal, it's a "you say tomato, i say broccoli, i boil it, you eat it raw, i eat it in my dining room, you don't have one to eat it, you eat in an hour, i eat in two... etc." Despite being super unified for a lot of things, Brazilians are very different in many ways, many times geographically by state or city. But the rivalry between Paulistanos and Cariocas is rampid!

How so?

- say "catraca, lombada, trânsito, mano, po
r(spanish "r")ta, balada.
- are on the go, don't have time to look sideways to notice your presence
- are pale, xenophobic, tactful, and individualists
- think wearing flip flops is tacky and will wear sneakers with ANYTHING
- think they are the center of the universe because they are in the largest city in brazil and have various "immigrants" from other states here so if so many people are here why aren't they the best? (ring a bell? *cough,
Americans, *cough)
- are São Paulo, Palmeira, & Corinthians soccer teams
- listen to techno, rap & rock (mostly international)

- say "roleta, quebra mola, engarrafamento, cara, por(rr - "h" sound)ta, boate
- take it easy, and are (a little too) observant
- are tan, racist, blunt, and personable
- wear flip flops anywhere and everywhere - bathing suits too
- think they are the center of the universe because they are in one of the most beautiful cities in brazil and "invented" everything wonderful about brazil (samba, carnaval, caipirinhas, feijoada), and attract tons of tourists everyday.
- are Fluminense, Vasco, Botafogo & Flamengo soccer teams
- listen to pagode, funk & reggae

All in all, they're all good peoples, and the rivalry I sensed in Rio (especially when introducing myself, "I live in São Paulo, but I'm FROM Minas") and that I do in São Paulo is friendly, and entertaining to say the least.

The moral of the story? ... Everyone loves them a
Mineiro/a. We're Connecticut (only much bigger) in the story - however - we don't cheer for other people's soccer teams because one of ours is already the shit (Cruzeeeiiirrroooooo).

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