Racism v. Political Incorrectness.

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Hey Kids!

So I've had her blog on my blogger list for a while now, but haven't made any comments thus far because I've been too selfishly caught up with my own life, haha - but one of my new daily reads is Rachel's Blog: Adventures of a Gringa in Rio. She's a friend of a friend's and she's been living in Rio for over a year now, and is straight out of Westchestuh!

There's a post today which is SO something I would comment on and there's an interesting discussion going on with the comments made the title of the post is, "racist of not politically correct," (now you see why it's something I would be all about?) and shows an ad for a new soap opera that's supposed to air here in Brazil soon.

I suggest you check it out and let Rachel (or me, hehe) know what you think!!

beijooss galeraaa.

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