Cariocas - Weekend in Rio Through Song.

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So I went to Rio de Janeiro for the first time EVER this weekend and had a BLAST, so get ready for a long post. I met some great people (from all over the world and cariocas alike), had some great food and drinks (calamari salads, best coxinhas ever, coconut water on the beach - from a coconut, caipirinhas, etc.), danced nights away (techno, samba, forró, samba rock, funk), was a beach bum (on Ipanema, Copacabana, and more I can't name), and took classic tourist pictures spreading my arms out in front of the Cristo Redentor statue on Corcovado mtn. All in 3 days.

But since I can't just do a basic summary, here are the lyrics to one of my favorite Adriana Calcanhotto songs, Cariocas (This video was actually made for a political campaign for one of the candidates for Rio's mayoral elections which went on this past weekend I was there, so I thought it would be time friendly to put it up)
Here's how it works: Original lyrics in regular font, English translation in bold, and my analyses in italics underneath. ;-)

FYI - Cariocas = people from Rio.

Cariocas São Bonitos
Cariocas are attractive
AMEN to that. Why is this? They're tan, and full of energy, work out (on the beach - yum), get crazy plastic surgery done, and have this positive aura to them.

Cariocas São Bacanas
Cariocas are nice
Super. I mean, for the most part. Some were a little short which annoyed me - especially when asking for help with directions, etc. - something which Paulistanos are GREAT at helping with and I didn't feel as content with the Carioca treatment. For the most part though, people were very friendly, I had great service everywhere I went... especially from all the vendors at the beach!

Cariocas são sacanas Cariocas are bastards
I was trying to think of a more delicate way to say this, but Google also gave me bastards as a translation, so there you go. And this is true (See above with giving directions). They're such self centered, egotistical, good looking, intelligent, broke, rich, dishonest, sweet... bastards.

Cariocas são dourados
Cariocas are golden
Are they!? I think my 2 days of sun gave me a nice golden tan - imagine people who actually live there and have the beach at their door step and walk around in bathing suits all day everyday...

Cariocas são modernos Cariocas are modern/contemporary
This is an understatement. Up to date fashion doesn't even begin to explain my droolery when window shopping in Ipanema and seeing girls wearing the cutest anything you can think of. And then there are the up to date trends in art, advertising, music, culinary... but oh the fashion...

Cariocas são espertos Cariocas are clever
This is shown so much in the "entrepreneurship" of cariocas. Brazilians and Latin Americans in general have this in them, but just seeing that people on the beach sell anything from iced tea to candy, to fried cheese, to beer, to sarongs, to necklaces, to paintings.... aie. the list goes on... shows just how creative Cariocas are when it comes to making a living under the city's (and country's) employment limitations.

Cariocas são diretos Cariocas are direct
In this case, this means straight and to the point. And let's just say my experience with Carioca men this weekend was this point exactly. Cariocas know what they want and will tell you exactly that. It really didn't help/helped so much that they were so attractive either (well, for the most part, haha)

Cariocas não gostam de dias nublados
Cariocas don´t like cloudy days
Nor would I if I lived there. There's so much to do outside and the city is SO beautiful, that it only makes sense to have sunny days all day every day.

Cariocas nascem bambas
Cariocas are born "bigwigs"
Cocky SOBs

Cariocas nascem craques
Cariocas are born aces (at sports)
As a Mineira (let's not forget Pelé is also from Minas) and a fan of Cruzeiro (one of Minas' soccer teams)... I beg to differ in some aspects. But the boys playing volleyball at the beach can also prove this statement to be true...

Cariocas têm sotaque
Cariocas have an accent
And it's so f´in cute/annoying/addicting.

Cariocas são alegres
Cariocas are happy people
Who wouldn't be with that weather and natural beauty all over the place?

Cariocas são atentos
Cariocas are observant
Funny story. At one club we went to where they were playing forró, I was asked to dance by lots of guys and didn't know why until 2 of them in a row asked me if I was a "forrozeira," a girl who dances a lot of forró... which I'm not by any means... but they asked because of what I was wearing!! A flowery skirt, and bright loose top (perfect for forró). Cariocas...

Cariocas são tão sexys
Cariocas are so sexy

Cariocas são tão claros Cariocas are so clear
See "Cariocas são diretos"

Cariocas não gostam de sinal fechado Cariocas don't like red lights
TRUE STORY. Traffic there was ridiculous when I was there and people drive crazier than SP even - which is hard to believe, but true.


:-) Hope you enjoyed the analysis and song. I'll post pictures to the right in my slideshow as soon as I get a hold of them!

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