Beautiful São Paulo.

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So I found this site through Jen's away message status on GTalk and have become obsessed.

There are panoramic views of all sorts of places but mostly São Paulo, which makes me realize how beautiful this city really is and how I never really stop to take a look and "smell" Marginal Pinheiros" (which smells nothing like roses, mind you... quite the opposite, haha).

So to share so you can get a better idea as to where I am in my ongoings - a few of my favorites and/or places I actually know/have been to/may have talked about in the blog:

- Casa das Rosas - This beautiful little house in the middle on Av. Paulista hosts various events and I was there on the Virada Cultural (see posts from April?)... I think I need to go back.

- Praça do Por do Sol - A little park a few blocks away from my new apartment! Great view and supposedly the best sunset viewing of/in the city!

- Ponte Octavio Frias de Oliveira - One of São Paulo's newest man made beauties - it was actually completed after I had gotten here - this bridge is minutes away from where I work (literally, I've walked under it to get to the bus and mall after work). It's gorgeous and most images of the São Paulo "skyline" if there is one, have it in the background.

There are plenty more on the site and if you get a chance, I highly recommend checking them out so you can see a tiny bit of what SP has to offer (haha, I feel like a travel commercial... but technically am - ask Kyle... you should come visit!)

beijjoosss e até.

ps - I'm going to RIO saturday for the weekend, so get pumped for stories I hope to have!

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