Anxiety Attacks.

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My aunt Rosa is one of those people who relies on WebMD for all kinds of medical advice before going to the doctor. Since my life is now quite literally reliant on the internet, I have taken to doing the same thing as crazy as this may seem...

This afternoon, I was having a "crisis" situation - My friend Kyle comes in from the US tomorrow morning and he's going to be staying in São Paulo for 6 weeks with me! I'm super excited but had/have encountered two problems with this situation:

a. My friend who was suppposed to give me a ride to pick Kyle up at the airport bailed because has school stuff to take care of. How do I get to the other side of the city and into a different town to pick him up at the airport at the peak of rush hour traffic?


b. My apartment paperwork hasn't been resolved yet and I am making all sorts of plans to move this weekend.

After lunch my heart was beating super fast, I was shaky (more than usual for those who know me and like to make fun of my slight tremor), and felt super nauseous. I consulted my handy WebMD and
I may or may not have had an anxiety/panic attack - WTF? This never happens to me. I'm the calmest person ever. Everyone knows that, right?

Anyway, long story short - I got a ride to the airport and my apt stuff isn't getting resolved until next week. Never does anything go 100% your way or against you, huh? The good news is Kyle will have a home for a week until my stuff gets resolved at my friend's house.

I drank some Camomile tea and feel better. I then spoke with my father on the phone who had surgery today on his arm (he's doing well!) and after hearing his calm voice on the phone (I mean, maybe he was still under the influence of anesthesia, who knows), I felt much better because he was okay and also because I realized my panic attack was silly. Everything will work out well, right? As Dave Matthews Band says and played for me on Sunday (I had to get the concert in here somehow, right? PH is putting together a mini video compilation from the show which I'll post ASAP - it was unbelievable) - "Life is Short but Sweet for Certain...," so i REALLY need to stop sweating the small stuff, regardless of how big they may seem to me. Any advice on how to do this?

This post has no real point, I just wanted to say I flipped out, I am excited to see my Kyle amanhã, and I had a great time at the About Us Festival this past Sunday. :-)

OH! And I forgot to post my last article from FunnyLovin´: What Women Are Thinking? Can Men Handle the Truth?

k, that's it for now. More to come for the next month on my adventures with Kyle - woohoo!! Hopefully it'll motivate some of you to come visit too!!


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