High Prices in the U.S.? Cry Me a River!

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Ready for my bitter side?

My Brazilian Mastercard Commercial (keep in mind $1USD = R$1,85)

- A stripped down brand new VW Golf - R$52,440
- iPhone - R$1.999 (does not include monthly phone plan)
- Tickets to see Madonna - R$600
- São Paulo Bus ticket, one way - R$2,30 (R$2,40 for metro & train)
- 1 kg beans - R$6,00
- 1 Liter of Gasoline - R$2,45 (yes, that's 1/4 of a gallon)
- Original Guess Bag - R$385,00
- 1 Liter vegetable oil (soy) - R$4,00
- Crispy Chicken Value Meal @ McDonald's - R$12,50
- Tall Starbuck's Hot Chocolate - R$7,10
- What Happens In Vegas.. Blu-Ray - R$134,00
- Average Caipirinha @ select club/bar - R$10,00 (had to...)
- 1 minute to non-same-operator cell phone - R$1,35

Average Monthly Salary:
São Paulo - R$ 818,09
Brazil - R$ 696,10

Unemployment Rate:

Taxes taken from my salary monthly:

The priceless part?

Hard to say. I'm not saying you can't have fun in Brazil without having money because I've been able to find some cheap adventures myself. But really? Stop being such brats complaining about the US economy. United States: Cry me a river.

On a lighter note... how do we like the aesthetic updates to the blog?! :-)


ps - my friends in the US. I don't hate you. You have the right to be upset. But before you complain about the sucky situation - think of the rest of the world - Brazil doesn't even have it that bad compared to most places.

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