The Essence of 20 Something Life In São Paulo

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Opá! Look who’s writing earlier than usual!

So I have nothing extremely significant to write. I just thought I’d kick it old school on this chilly São Paulo night and tell you all how my past week’s or so festivities were, Dear Diary style, so please bear with…

I didn’t say much about the beach a couple weekends ago because my post was already too long, but it was wonderful! A couple of girls from work and I decided one day a few weeks ago to go camping on the beach, and invited a few other people from outside work, and so we ventured off. Paty and I had quite a night getting tents and meeting up with Gi and Sara Friday night, and after getting lost, me embarrassingly trying to get peoples’ attention to help us by yelling, “Heelloooo,” out the car window, and having to bear Paty’s playlist she worked so hard on for the car ride, we got there at 4:30, and a group of guy friends were supposed to get there in the morning… and they did, at 5. Needless to say, it was an interesting night, and waking up at 8 AM to a cloudy and cold day at the beach proved to be much less interesting. The good news is we spent some QT getting to know each other while drinking beer and smoking hookah; the sun finally came out, and later that night we went to one of the guys’ brother’s friend’s house on another beach nearby for a cookout (I know, Brazilians…). We ended up camping in the kid’s driveway because the house was too packed (HYSTERICAL), and Sunday had a fun lunch and car ride home. See my Facebook album for a picture story of the weekend.

This past weekend started on Thursday. The “foursome” of us girls who went to the beach decided to go to a forró Thursday night to go dancing. Before this, I made a quick stop at Wall Street to visit some former students. I ended up chatting with a few of them for a while and then grabbed a quick beer (or 3) with one of my former students, Gui and we had a nice time. I later met up with the girls and after not making it to the forró, went to a cute samba place called Ó do Borogodó. There, we hit it off with a group of guys, including this adorable curly-haired actor, Geraldo who I hung out with for quite a while, and him and his big Brazilian smile (as Vim would characterize it) danced with me and told me it was so gostoso to dance with me... *sigh – too bad you can’t trust actors. Long story short, the next day we find out he’s a main character in Walter Salles’ new movie, Linha de Passe, which recently won a Cannes! So technically, I met a famous person. AND, his brother asked for my number, therefore my connection to Hollywood still has hope! If he ever calls… I know this all sounds silly, but I had to... Friday night a few of us went for drinks at a bar near work and some of the guys who went with us to the beach and their friends came too which was chill and a good time. Saturday I taught, then spent the day apartment shopping and neighborhood exploring with Paty and went to bed very early which was fabulous. Sunday we had a Mexican Fiesta at one of my coworkers’ house with GREAT catered Mexican food and Don Julio ;-)

Why do I ramble on about all sorts of fun things I’ve been doing regardless of being utterly broke and apartment shopping (which means pending bills)? First of all, because this all cost me little to nothing thanks to cheap accommodations, generous boys, and VR that pays for beer. But mostly because of a couple of interesting chats that I had with one of my new favorite boys I’ve met here in São Paulo, Gordinão (his real name’s Guilherme – but guys love
random nicknames, huh?). We were talking about going out and enjoying ourselves: the phases we’re having in our lives right now, friends – old and new, travelling, etc. Pretty deep stuff. One thing he said quite randomly and simply, but oh so poetically at the same time was: “Então temos que viver. Não importa aonde nem como. A essência da vida é viver. Adquirir experiências, conhecer o novo, errar, aprender. É isso que faz da vida uma coisa maravilhosa e sem preço. ¹ I know this may sound kind of cliché or obvious to some people. But how often do we really grab a beer after work during the week? Or camp in random people’s driveways? Or allow ourselves to meet interesting people in bars? And then laugh and/or cry about it the next day? I don’t know. These past couple weeks have been pretty characteristic of how I’ve wanted to enjoy “meus vinte e poucos anos,²and these chats with Gordinão and others have helped me to put this all into perspective. As much as we put silly phrases and quotes all over the place and tell ourselves this kind of thing over and over again, we need to just DO more. I know I’m queen of not following my own advice, but I really do want to try to let myself fall in love, be more spontaneous, surround myself with interesting and intelligent people, spend money I don’t have and ‘let my hair down,’ so to speak. You, who know me well, all know this isn’t like me (except for the part about interesting and intelligent people, obvi.) – but I’m starting to think (hope) it actually is.

I tried to keep the length decent this week, but I see it haasn't worked. Stay tuned for next post which will hopefully inform you of an apartment found and more Paulistano-isms – I’ve been making a list!!

Beijosss, and go make out with some random person for me in the middle of the street for me, will ya?

P.S. - As some of you know, I’d been pretty homesick for a while and meeting all these wonderful people and making “friends,” not just acquaintances, has helped even more. So thank you to everyone who has found your way into my life recently. And thank you even more to those who have been here for a while and keep up with me electronically, always!

P.P.S. - I'm sorry I keep changing my template, but I'll change it soon for good and for the better. Someone, I won't say who, but he knows who he is, has promised to help me with this and hopefully this subtle hint will get him to get on it. ;-)

¹ - We have to live. It doesn't matter where or how. The essence of life is to live. Gain experiences, discover new [things, people, etc.], makes mistakes, learn. It’s this that makes life so wonderful and priceless.

² - “Vinte e Poucos Anos” which can be translated into what we say is our “20 Somethings” is a song by Fabio, Jr. that talks about not giving up anything for anyone because he wants to get to know his 20 somethings a little better. Cute connection, huh?!

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