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So I’ve been at Media Contacts for two weeks now, and I’m having a good time so far!

My supervisor is super chill, but also super efficient and has been giving me a lot of responsibility right at the start, which is pretty cool. But don’t worry; he checks my work before sending it off to other people.

He also sent me a pretty cool e-mail with a blog post by a guy who works with SEO and talks about how he puts SEO terminology into lay terms using analogies when explaining what he does to his mother. Don’t worry, my mother is also getting a copy of this e-mail because she’s also super confused as to what I’m doing now. Here’s the link to the post: What Are Your Favorite SEO Analogies?. If you find this useful and/or interesting, please give me feedback, this way I can keep using it when people ask me what I do for a living J

Apart from the technical stuff, here’s a rundown of cool things about my job:

1. Dress code = “As long as you look decent.” This means jeans and tshirts, hats, flip flops, sneakers, tank tops, etc. are all allowed!

2. Cookies. There are two community cookie jars that so conveniently happen to reside on my desk. One jar has sweet cookies and the other crackers. This can be good and bad, especially since there is fresh coffee and tea available at all points throughout the day.

3. SEOers. The other people in my department and the entire company in general are pretty cool peoples. One interesting and rather coincidental thing for those of you who know me well is that my department is super multicultural! There’s my director, Paola who’s an Argentine Jew; my supervisor, Marcos is from Porto Alegre (in the south of Brazil); Patricia, who is my intern but teaches me everything is from São Paulo, but her entire family is Japanese. The LatAm sections is filled with latino mutts – Marcos is German and Chilean, Rebeca is Spanish and Peruvian (but looks like Shakira), and Andres is Colombian. There are 3 Mineiros (me, Giordani (whose entire family is Italian) and Renato), Tahiana is from Rio, and finally Fernando… who’s white and from São Paulo, so he’s no fun.

4. Lunch time. Apart from the fact that I have a wonderful per diem (this is mandatory for any full time job), I also have great company for lunch and have been eating a little too well for my own good the past couple of weeks. We usually go out to lunch as a department, and every once in a while have a couple other special guests join us from different departments, or just friends of people who work in the area. There are tons of restaurants around where we work, and we usually take an hour and a half to two hours for lunch even though we technically only have an hour, haha. I was super American yesterday and tried leaving the restaurant early because I had to run to the bank and pharmacy, but they made me stay and so I took a total of 2 ½ hours for lunch yesterday… meh, it was Friday.

5. MSN Messenger. Orkut. Facebook. GChat… all unblocked, so I have a few too many distractions throughout the day.

6. Work hours. I make up for lunch and distractions by usually staying an hour later everyday and going home at around 8. I also usually come in a little later at around 9:15 or so, and am usually the 2nd one in our department to get there. They’re super flexible on time, but I’ve heard that this next week is going to = hell because we have monthly reports due for all of our clients by the 10th… woohoo! Oh, it’s also totally worth it to stay until 8 or 8:30 at work because I’ll end up getting home at the same time. I left at 7 the other day and got home at 8:45 because of all the traffic!!!

7. Español. In company Spanish classes! This week I had my first class and learned super useful phrases such as “Yo bebo cerveza con mi abuela pero yo no como jamon con queso con mi hermano Aleman por la mañana.” More deep and inspiring Spanish class quotes to come in the next posts.

8. And then there’s obviously a little eye candy sitting at the other side of the office in another department, which is where the kitchen is conveniently located and where I go quite a few times a day to fill my water bottle (you know me and my water). ;-)

K, that’s it. Read the post I put up right before this one for updates on life outside work.


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