Olympics Fever: Excitement & Deception

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The title of this post suggests I will be talking about the Olympics - which I will, but I'll also delve into personal Poly ongoings. I figure since my life has gotten more and more uninteresting, I should kick it up a notch on my analogies and such, so let me know if I'm doing okay still or failing miserably at trying to make connections :-) Here we go:

Excitement and Deception? The theme for this post was initially inspired by a recent e-mail I received from a PC college professor who was talking about her mixed feelings about the new school year/end of summer and how she is "trying to find harmony in opposites" just as the Chinese do (Olympics are where this year?) - and which is also very relevant to the Brazilian teams' victories (or lack thereof) in the games... this will make sense or not at all eventually - keep reading :-)

First, let's talk about the literal Olympic Fever. A couple of weeks ago at lunch with the rest of the SEO team, I mentioned that I'd never seen so much coverage on the Olympics before, and Patricia says, "It's Brazil. Here, if you want to be recognized positively in life, either become a model, or an athlete... and this is why we work in SEO." Which to a certain exent, unfortunately is true (the former part of that statement, haha). I mean, off the top of your head, who comes to mind when you think "Most famous Brazilian I can think of?" - now if you're list doesn't include Pelé, Ayrton Senna, Ronald(inh)o, Gisele Bundchen, Adriana Lima, or 'what's that hot guy who was in Lost, Love Actually, and Charlie's Angels' name' (Christina, I know that's who you were thinking of - it's Rodrigo Santoro, by the way) - then KUDOS. Okay, so for the more intellectual crowd, you may have cited musicians or politicians as well (some might as well be athletes or models), but let's not get too off topic here.

Needless to say, Brazilians get pumped for the Olympics - and get angry when we lose ... and I do admit that the loss to Argentina yesterday in soccer was unacceptable. But when people here don't simply get pissed at the athletes for not performing well saying things like, "Ronaldinho was in for 90 minutes and didn't play shit," "Brasil has been nothing but disappointment [this year]" they make excuses for the poor athletes, "Well, fazer o que? He was up against Phelps!," "One of the gymnasts messes up and the rest f'up because they get too nervous... Brazilian women are like that, coitadas."

I decided to put it out there on another occassion - at Marina's birthday party here at Tia Elza's house a couple of weeks back. We were talking about the Olympics, and who had competed that weekend, and how it was all going, yadda yadda. And one of my cousin's friends who's like, Super Olympics Stats Man, started to list all sorts of accomplishments of some of the athletes... how some had taken it all in the PanAmerican games and now weren't doing so hot... but one thing he said and we brooded over for a little while has stayed with me and comforted me throughout the past couple of weeks seeing Brazil lose so many opportunities at medals. He said, "You know what though? These guys in Beijing are already heroes just for making it there. There's no competing with China and the United States for us. We're lucky just to be competing in so many different categories." This started a whole discussion, and I just kept contemplating on how true this was. These kids are heroes (and I say kids because I also realized I'm older than most Olympics athletes which is another story in itself)! Not only because athletics is so highly acclaimed in Brazil, but because most of them never even dreamed they'd leave the country, let alone compete at this level. So kudos to all the athletes (but extra kudos to my brazilians and others from developing countries because we value these guys so much) in the Games, and boo to everyone who bitches about us not having enough medals. But as Jen also said, as I was writing this post, after stating her disappointment, "... except Cielo....I almost cried seeing him win" - nobody can argue that was victorious on a whole other level.

Now on to a less inspiring list of Excitemente leading to Deception, leading to conformity in reality and/or excitement once again (... harmony? ring a bell? ;-)). The "leading to's" are signaled by: >>

Winter in São Paulo: I was looking forward to this "Cold" everyone was talking about. I thought it would get worse than what we had a couple of months ago >> It's been really hot these days, and it rained for only a couple of days last week after an over a month dry spell (I'll take jokes as they come). This not only means no real winter for at least well... who knows for me... it also means global warming - apparently there hasn't been this dry and warm a winter in ages. >> NICE WEATHER & Summer/Spring Outfits!

Men >> Boys. Boys who like boys. Boys who have girls. >> ... conformity?

Apartment/House Shopping: Finding a House! >> Finding out the house has been rented already... >> Going to look at a few more this weekend :-)

Phone calls from home >> Parents don't call for a few weeks because of times, schedules, etc., and then finally get a call from Dad while out to lunch. Then call home and nobody's there. Then get a call at work from parents, and fight with my mom... >> Fights with Mom can be fun.... and I got to hear her voice and then laugh about it with my dad shortly afterwards.

Getting my final check from Wall Street!>> Getting to Wall Street and finding out I didn't bring my VR (per diem card thing... see SEO Nerds post), which apparently I needed to sign my quitting papers and get my dinheiro >> Going to Wall Street a few days later and getting my final check.

Teaching private English classes for extra $$ after taking the new job >> Getting up early on Saturdays to cross town to teach English classes >> Getting extra R$R$.

Random escapades at night during the week to bars/clubs/dinner >> Getting home that night and getting up early the next morning for work (as opposed to when I worked nights at Wall Street) >> Stories about the previous night.

and last but not least...

Getting to listen to music at work>> Realizing I can only have my Ipod synchronized on one computer >> Discovering shared libraries with good music on the company network ;-)

.... I'll leave you all with that. Boa noite, I'm heading to bed. beijoosss.

ps - Jen, This one's for you - can't wait till New Year's Eve: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ktgsn_G59os - making fun of the new horrible song that's blowing up in Brazil.

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