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Hey hey hey!

I told you I'd update sooner this time around :-) So remember that job offer I told you about in the previous blog entry? I accepted it! I start on Monday (21st), and am super excited to get started. I am going to be working at Media Contacts, an international internet marketing company in the SEO department. This means I'm going to help big clients optimize their websites for search engines (i.e., I have a lot to learn). I'm starting off at an assistant position, but my contract has clauses for guaranteed growth with my abilities and how fast I learn being the only indicators of when promotions will happen, so that's good to know. I'll also be learning Spanish in-company since a lot of our clients are in Latin America. This is a big YAY for not having to pay for Spanish classes!! haha

Other than that significant occurence, I've also been apartment/house shopping with Marina and trying to get "day time" things such as doctor appt's etc. done before I start working normal people hours. Working nights has pretty much spoiled me. It has allowed me to lounge around at home during the day, go out for lunch and random coffee dates with other friends who are either unemployed or work sporadically, go shopping, and get my nails done in the middle of the afternoon (I got a sexy red yesterday!)... therefore, I think I'll be saving some money since I'll have less free time to do so from now on. Sorry Phoebs...

I have also been meeting a lot of really cool people recently!! A couple of weekends ago I went out with a student of mine and her friends to a club in Pinheiros, a neighborhood that has a bunch of little bars and clubs here in SP. Needless to say, it was a good time, and we had an especially good time laughing at a number of different characters at the bar :-) My friend Thiago also had a little get together/late festa junina (see last post) at his house this past weekend which was a GREAT time - and I'll post pictures with this post once I get back on my computer. Also, another "highlight" of this past week was meeting a friend of a few of my friends, Dave! He went to school with Vim, Louis & Anuj @ BU and is living in Brazil to work with poor cheese farmers in the south of Minas with a sort of non-profit/microbusiness. Needless to say, he's just as cool as the mutual friends of ours I just listed, went to lunch with us last Wednesday and Thiago's party, and has become BFF's with a few of mine and Thiago's friends in the past week as well, so definitely look forward to stories with all of these crazy and good people I've come across lately!

Ok, now for another personal discussion with myself on the developing world, and by this I mean things that I see here in Brazil that are unheard of in the States. STRIKES and Protests. Strikes is in CAPS because they've been bothering me, whereas the Protests, not so much, haha. I didn't mention this, but a couple of months back the Receita Federal was on strike. This is a Federal department that takes care of all sorts of things ... kind of like Social Security + Homeland Security type things and a few things in between. Needless to say, things got messy, including something that happened to me that hasn't been resolved to this day! In JANUARY, my mother and I shipped a box filled with all sorts of my belongings and since there was a strike and (this is where homeland security comes in) you need people to make sure things on ships are legit and not counterfeit, yadda yadda, it's been stuck in the port of Santos for... oh, 4 months. So it was supposed to be released last week, but still no news. I'll keep you updated. The next strike hasn't affected me as much, but the postal service is on strike, and has been for the past couple of weeks, and some people are going crazy because they have bills to pay and are being charged late fines because they haven't paid because they haven't gotten their bills! And granted, most of the things you can see and pay online, but what about the folks who don't have internet?!?!?! This kind of thing drives me crazy... but on the other hand...

It makes me wonder if this will help the employees' situations or not. I mean, they're probably on strike because of ridiculously low salaries and bad work situations, yadda yadda, the usch. But they eventually go back, right? There are constantly protests on Av. Paulista, near where I work... one day security guards, the next teachers, sometimes busses stop running... but these guys are just out of work for a few hours or so. And the students must <3 style="font-style: italic;">não é? Thoughts on this are welcome, because I've been having internal conflicts with myself on this. :-)
I think I'll leave you there for now. There will be a Farewell Wall Street/Congrats on the New Job shindig for me this Friday, so I'll definitely post pictures from that and sometime next week I'll write about my first impressions on the job at Media Contacts, etc.

I'm not going to say I miss you all, because I think you all know that by now :-/ Looking forward to your updates though and hope life is treating anyone reading this well. :-)

besitosssss y abrazosss.

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