Starting to Grow on Me...

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So I've been trying to write this entry for over a month, but have been feeling a little uninspired. But today, I woke up with a fresh spell of inspiration, so here goes (i.e., please bear with me).

Since I've written, I've been working a lot and playing even more... most of the time playing at work, actually if I really think about it, so I haven't been working much, but I guess that's the beauty of teaching English to adults - especially when you're becoming friends with your students! I've hung out with a few of my students in the past month or so, and have a few pending dates with some others who are willing to take me out on the town in São Paulo or just chat about things we have in common over coffee (i.e., next week I'm having coffee with a student who studies French so we can practice our broken français!!). I've also been grabbing a beer or two with coworkers after work, and still going out with my cousin, and made a couple of other friends along the way... so the meeting people thing is coming along :-)

A quick rundown of happenings since I last wrote as chronologically as I can remember: a few miserable interviews for horrible jobs and a bust at a try at taking an excel test; worsening English because of teaching English; apartment searching to no avail; getting lost on the metro and busses; clubbing on a wednesday night with coworkers and students = bad news on all sorts of levels; too much beer and grilled foods post 10 PM; road trip with cousins to Monte Verde in Minas Gerais - a cute little European style town at the top of a mountain; COLD WEATHER (and by cold, I mean no colder than 50 degrees fahrenheit); São Paulo GAY PARADE - the biggest in the world, which as slightly depressing, yet I had a good time with Thiago and some of his friends; Planning a Happy Hour for work which includes the benefit of drinking on the company and finding reasons to make fun of students the next day; Mexican food and mariachi band with cute old men playing, location selection courtesy of Eder, my new friend whom I've stolen from Jen; losing my cell phone by leaving it at the bar before going to the Mexican place; passing my driver's test without falling into the corrupt scheme of paying for my license because everyone says the test is so hard; and a mini trip to Aparecida (the town where the Brazilian patron saint - Nossa Senhora da Aparecida was found) to meet up with my grandmothers who were there on a church trip. whew. k, that's my life in the past few weeks in a nutshell. Today I'll be spending most of the day translating some documents I agreed to translate from Portuguese to English for a student... for some extra money... and if you know my work ethic at all, this blog post is one of many breaks I'll be taking throughout the day to keep myself motivated.

My What i miss/don't miss list was received well, so I decided I'd add a new kind of list today for your reading pleasure... a "Things that are Growing on Me" list. here goes:

  1. Really strong coffee in itty bitty cups.
  2. Drinking "Coca Zero" from a straw or cup - NEVER the can.
  3. While we're drinking here... After shift beers at the "Orange" bar accompanied by Bauru's (grilled ham, cheese, & tomato sandwiches).
  4. Hour long busrides which include building leg muscle to stay standing, and observing the crazies and the cuties.
  5. Paulistanos (people from São Paulo city)
  6. My students.
  7. Crazy São Paulo weather (which is usually 3 seasons in one day - i.e., I can be wearing a skirt, but need to have a sweater and umbrella in my bag at all times just in case).
  8. MSN Messenger/Orkut/Brazilian keyboards/accents on words.
  9. Being surrounded by super driven people (and attempting to catch up to them).
  10. Lunch as the main meal of the day.
  11. Brazilian men (you know, after my GLWG spell of a few years! haha).
  12. Wanting to speak Portuguese all the time (this tends to make my students say, "Teacher, English please," reminding me why we're in English school).
  13. Not taking life so seriously and simultaneously taking life super seriously (as opposed to just the latter, which is a very North American thing)
  14. Having Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday be the "best nights to go out."
  15. Bootleg DVD's because nobody can afford the real thing.
  16. Avoiding dog poo while walking on the sidewalk (yes, I said poo. I know, I'm cute).
  17. People who don't walk on the left hand side of the escalator. It's actually quite relieving if you think about it...

:-) k kids, hope you enjoy the new list and blog post. sorry it took me so long, I owe you all more recent updates. And thank you for your e-mails updating me on your lives and ongoings!!!

baciiisss, besoosss, bisouxxx, and hugs! missing you and counting on the promised visits towards the end of the year!

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