Drag Queens & Beer Buddies

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Yes, that is correct, since I last wrote I have not only witnessed a fabulous drag queen show, I've acquired after/during work beer buddies!

Last Wednesday (last blogish), I went out with Daniel & Thiago, two of my coworkers and fellow teachers. The oen thing they told me was that I was going to have a lot of fun, and laugh even more... which was too true to even imagine. We first got some dinner (at 10 PM after work), and then went to pick up Thiago's friends - Wagner, Sydney, & "Prima" - all super flamboyant gay men... especially Prima. Needless to say, Prima and I had a lot of fun, and "she" made me laugh every moment I even looked at her! We went to a bar to pregame for the club and of course when we showed our little fliers for discounted prices, I didn't get a discount, but the guys did! So for every man who complains about not getting special treatment at clubs - go to a gay club and stop your whining! After dancing to the best techno/dance/house music I've ever experienced, borderline crying after seeing so many attractive men who I would have not even a one in a million chance with, meeting a straight guy who was there "just to dance," and having Thiago & Co. teach me the Brazilian gay man's language all night, the show started at about 2 AM. Never would I imagine a drag show being soooo theatrical and well put together, and quite beautiful, actually! There was a main performer who had all sorts of "Special Guests," including one drag queen who put any woman to shame, and I was only comforted by seeing his body because I know it takes men much less effort to get into shape than it takes us women!! haha
Let's just say my night was unforgettable, I shall return, and I only regret not having my camera...

Tuesday, we also went out with some other teachers, friends of some teachers, and a couple of students for a few beers and appetizers after work... this is something that is sure to turn into a bad habit. Worse off is when Daniel invites me to grab a beer in the middle of my shift because I had a class canceled! *sigh... haha - One thing he told me that I hadn't thought of, but is definitely true, is this... While we were enjoying our Skol and Bauru sandwiches (they're like, grilled ham, cheese, & tomato... mmm), Daniel, who lived in Chicago for 6 years working as a Chemical Engineer, turns to me and says, "This is Brazil." This is Brazil? Yes, when in the US, do you peace out of your job for 20 minutes to grab a beer with a coworker and have that be okay? Here, it's not uncommon to see a group of a few friends on any given corner pub/bar chatting, drinking a draft, and snacking on something deliciously fried. I'm not trying to say all Brazilians are raging alcoholics - the beers are oftentimes substituted with a fresh fruit juice or CocaCola with lime wedges, but the point is, people here know how to appreciate good company and free time! No joke, at 7:30 AM yesterday morning, I was on my way to work, and I passed by a bar where there were three men chatting and enjoying what I'm sure was an icy cold Skol (ps - did I mention the Skol's come in 1 Liter bottles in enormous cozi's and the waitstaff gives us tiny cups for us to keep refilling? it's quite wonderful...)... it was a picture perfect image of Brazil. And it actually quite comforted me for a minute - that is until I turned the corner and saw a homeless man shivering under a blanket trying to sleep in the shadow of a building downtown.

Oh yes - I started my driving classes this week. I've been going okay, except for the whole clutch thing... stay posted for more in the upcoming weeks. Parallel parking tomorrow.

Speaking of shivering - São Paulo gets COLD. And by cold, I mean like, September or April in New England cold. Aaannddd of course I didn't come prepared for this and had totally been spoiled by the warm weather already. Enough said.

Today was Mother's Day and we had a nice feijoada that regrettably my aunt made (regrettably because she really didn't have to cook on Mother's day!). I missed my Mamãe terribly today, despite that fact that I usually spend my Mothers Days waitressing at the Spinning Wheel... therefore I also missed the maaadd tips I made! haha - But in any case, Happy Mothers Day to all the mommas out there, and I'll see you soon!!!


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