São Paulo Lovin'

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here's a song i can't stop listening to... my cousin Heitor asked me today if they played Brazilian songs on the radio in the US, and I had to tell him that regrettably, no... not even the ones with English in them... Vanessa da Mata & Ben Harper, Boa Sorte (Good Luck)

So a lot and a little have happened this past week - I guess I've had more observations and cotidiano experiences than anything. First of all, I left Belo Horizonte and took an 8 hour bus ride to São Paulo on Thursday, where I'm currently residing and exploring. I'm staying with my aunt Elza for now - and her two sons - Heron (20) and Heitor (16) who are sweethearts, and her husband, Pedro... who is a Yoga instructor whose guru baptized him "Rubi Ananda," and he's nuts but funny, so it works. I took an awkward yoga class last Friday with him and, well... I don't know, I've never really liked Yoga, but people seem to love him! haha

Saturday I went to Heron's English class with him [side note: for those who don't know, they don't teach foreign languages in most public schools here - so if someone wants to learn another language, they have to go pay for it] and his teacher is a Brazilian man who lived in London for many years, and absolutely hates the US and thinks American accents are obnoxious. But he's grreaaatt - the whole class was basically all the students asking me questions in English with their cute British accents and the questions ranged from "Where did you live in the US?"to "Have you ever made out with a Brazilian boy?" to "What do Americans think about Castro?" - needless to say, I was quite frank... "'I lived in CT, about an hour from NYC,' 'Yes, I've made out with Brazilian guys,' and 'Well, most Americans don't really know much about Castro, or Lula, or Chavez, or the rest of the world...'" All responses were taken differently, and at the end of the class, the instructor, Rogério, offered for me to go teach at his school whenever I'd like - So I'm considering it depending on the job I get. On Saturday, I also had famous Paulista pizza - the best pizza in Brasil is supposed to be here in São Paulo, and I'm convinced!!!

Sunday, I went to mass in the morning - I dragged my aunt with me, and it was wonderful. Most of the mass is sung [but not dreadful singing, uplifting singing!], and the church is BEAUTIFUL. After mass, I went to Jen's house to spend the day! It was her last day in Brazil, and we took it easy - hung out by the pool, went outdoor dining for lunch, and hit major traffic on the way back to her house because there was a huge soccer game at Morumbi, the stadium near her - it was a rival game - Corinthians v. Palmeiras - trust me, it's huge.

Monday was probably the most interesting day. I had to make official my residency in Brazil, so I went to get my: RG [which is like an ID], Carteira de Trabalho [which is a document you need to work - employers have to sign it to make sure you're not working under the table, etc.], CPF card [kinda like SS card], Voter's Registration card [because voting's compulsory and I can't get a job or open a bank account if mine's not up to date]... and I think that's it. So how do I do this?? São Paulo offers these posts called Poupa Tempo which are like enormous DMV's where you can get all of the above done, plus more - but the wait for some things are just as long as the wait at the DMV... but considering the size of the city... it was worth the hour long bus ride!!

Other than that, I've just been working hard on the job search - I have an interview tomorrow and a pending confirmation for one Friday, so I'm excited!! Wish me luck, and keep me posted on your lives too! :-)

ps - if anyone in/from Model OAS or the Dialogue is reading this - there's been a lot of coverage about the whole Colombia/Ecuador [Correa was here today, and I ithink Uribe will be here tomorrow] issues here PLUS Cuba, and it soooo makes me want to have done MOAS this year and be working with the Dialogue right now!! lol - please be a dork with me and agree!

pps - sorry for the lack of pictures, i didn't take any this week!

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