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Jota Quest - O Sol - This just happens to be the song playing on my itunes while I write this [brings me back to Brazilian Day NYC '07... *sigh] - but it also kind of talks to me, haha - he's saying he doesn't hear pain anymore and that he's going to where there's sun!! Anyway, for today, I'm just going to list a few things I found interesting/wasn't expecting/expected but is interesting to note anyway in no particular order... you know, beside the money rants i've been having!

1. No bathtubs - just showers. Only rich people have bathtubs. Not much body wash either. Bar soap is where it's at.
2. Not everyone has cable, let alone DIGITAL cable.
3. There's a decade full of cars that have left São Paulo. Either the cars here are 1993 and previous, or 2003-present.
4. And all the cars are coupes.
5. Wherever you go, someone will talk to you... but not in the sketchy way. Brazilians <3 small talk - at the bus stop, the local bar/café, in traffic, you name it.
6. São Paulo gets cold (and by cold, I mean like... when it rains in October in CT) in March sometimes.
7. I'm white?! - I was surprised when I got my i.d. and it read that I'm white... try pulling that off in the states
8. People my age listen to British rock, American pop, Euro techno, and Brazilian country.
9. If you ask someone my body type, they won't say thin, they'll say average.
10. There are about 347 malls in São Paulo (well, not really, but there are a lot)
11. There are turnstiles on busses - and they're made for skinny people!
12. "Condo's" are gated communities
13. Drink only filtered water
14. Watching dubbed American movies is like watching dubbed Asian movies - only I actually know what the actors' real voices are like.
15. Feira = fresh fruits like mango, papaya, guava, etc. and veggies once a week outdoors at your local patch of grass in the city.
16. Of the family names in my family (since most brazilians have 5 names), 3 are the most common in Brazil. Therefore, nobody here has a hard time spelling OLIVEIRA.
17. It makes much more sense to travel 1000 km via bus than airplane [what i'll be doing tonight, *sigh].
18. Three words: Big Brother Brasil.
19. While stopped in traffic, you will find: cars with tinted windows (so as to not get robbed?), people walking up and down the lanes selling water, candy, windshield wipers, and passing out brochures for apt's and cars for sale.
20. Post-grad & master's are 2 different things - and if you're not specializing in any post-graduate course soon after you graduate, you're screwed (meaning i better get on that asap!).

There's my top 20 - for those of you who have been here, hopefully you'll have a good laugh!!! I'm going "home" to Valadares for the holiday (Good Friday's an official holiday in Brazil), and will be back in São Paulo in about a week. Happy Easter to all who celebrate and keep sending me updates on life up north!!!


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