Girl from Ipanema

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No, no, I did not go to Rio for the long weekend. Instead, I went "home" to Minas last Wednesday, and had every intention of staying until tonight (Wednesday), but was called in for an interview yesterday here in São Paulo, so I had to resort to leaving Monday night, rushing to get here, and ended up not even interviewing because the guy who was supposed to interview me ended up having an emergency closing meeting, yadda yadda, but I'm over it now.

What matters is, I got to celebrate my grandmother's birthday with her on Thursday, saw some family, and spent Friday-Sunday morning in Ipanema, Minas Gerais, on a sitio, which is like a small farm, with my aunt's husband's entire family for their family reunion. So here's a short summary of my weekend with the Dutra's. So since I was in the country, here's a great little song from my new favorite Brazilian Sertaneja duo (G, this one's for you!): Vitor e Léo - Amigo Apaixonado.

We get there, and they're already making coffee and serving breakfast, yelling and screaming, and blowing a blow horn for every car that gets there. The family is very funny, very lively, and super friendly. They start right away by nicknaming me Americana, and telling me I'm already one of them because of my big nose (apparently it's a sign that you're a Dutra if you have a big nose.... haha). They were worried that I'd be a prissy little gringa, and were pleasantly surprised when I asked if I could milk the cow and was walking around in a tank top and soccer shorts.

Since it was Good Friday, we spent the day mostly trying to keep ourselves entertained in the middle of nowhere without drinking booze or eating meat! It was a challenge many didn't keep, but I personally got through the day by horseback riding, taking a nap on the hammock, milking a cow, going into town for a walk and some ice cream, and then finally watching "Tio Tião's" school lessons (see below).

At exactly 11:55 PM, meat from the grill was starting to be served, and since I vowed to not drink until midnight, one of my cousins' cousin set a beer mug filled with a caipirinha right in front of me, made with home made cachaça and limes right from the farm... as you can probably already imagine, it was the most glorious (and heavy-handed-est) caipirinhas I've ever consumed.

Saturday morning, we woke up and the sweet smell of fresh coffee (also from the farm) was the perfect way to end lent for me, since I'd given up coffee! We spent the rest of the day roaming around the farm, resting on the porch, eating fruits picked straight from the trees, killing snakes (!), playing random games like charades, dancing to the music coming from the car stereo, and oh yeah, the grill was lit at 10 AM, and the beer served at 10:01 AM. At night, we went into town (me, one of my cousins, and her 3 HOT guy cousins, haha) and went to a bar that was poppin' - apparently people come from all over to go to a party in Ipanema the Saturday before Easter every year.

Needless to say, it was an amazing experience. I had tons of fun, and really got to enjoy the serenity and BEAUTY of the place while also laughing, eating, drinking, dancing, eating, drinking, exploring nature, eating, drinking, random flirting... and some more eating and drinking. haha

I have a couople of videos only my Brazilian loves will understand, but they're basically my aunt's brother in law giving us a very interesting lesson in ondontology and many other hilarious lessons he gave throughout the weekend. Hilarious because he apparently repeated the 1st grade multiple times, and is just now going back to school... also hilarious because he's just a funny person to begin with! There's also a video of my uncle dancing to Creu, a new song that plays here all day, everyday, and is just horrible - but it's also kind of a disturbing/hilarious video, so if you really need a laugh, let me know and i'll send them to you - i tried uploading one, but it's taking forever, so I figured i'd pass for all our sakes.

Sunday and Monday was spent with the familia back in Valadares, and more low key, but this weekend was much needed, and whenever any of you come visit, I'm taking you to the middle of nowhere, and I guarantee you'll have the time of your life - I mean, look at the pictures!!

Hope the Easter bunny treated everyone well this year, and I hope all is well!! Keep commenting and sending me e-mails, because I love being in on life back in the Estados Unidos for youss.

Com muito carinho.

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