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welcome back! i'm assuming if you're reading this, you either have nothing better to do or you really want to know what I've been up to! oh, and this week's song... since i'm in BH, here's a song dedicated to the city and the video is from Axé Brasil, a two day concert here that i have every intention of going to! feel free to enjoy while reading: Jammil - Axé Minas

so here's the deal... i left off about a week ago, and nothing tooo exciting has happened, but I've been having a fabulous time! I may or may not have gained about 2-3 kilo's in the past week [about 4-6 lbs] becase really, 75% of the time, I've been eating. The other 25% of the time, i've been lounging or walking around... or riding motorcycles[as a passenger of course]! Motorcyles are kind of a big deal here - since most can't afford to buy cars, and the weather is pretty pleasant for a good part of the year - tons of people ride motorcycles. There are even 'moto-taxi's' and 'moto-boys' who deliver any and everything from groceries, to pizza, to pharmaceuticals. i did some shopping downtown, got some cheap shoes, a purse, and a Bible [which i'd forgotten at home... i know, shame on me] - and saw that some things weren't as expensive as i thought they were and some were more expensive than i could ever imagine... it's really all very strange, the pricing thing, and i think i'll only be able to sort it out once i have a job here.

now for the past weekend. i went to my paternal grandmother's house on friday, and soon after i got there, two of my aunts got in from "a roça," which is essentially the country - our family has a bit of land there... and i'm super anxious to go because apparently it's uh-mazing! anyway, they brought fresh cheese that they'd made there (fyi - minas gerais is the wisconsin of brazil), and tons of other treats. i then went with them to church for a meeting my aunt had for religious ed. - she's one of the big guns at her church, so it was a good time meeting some of the teachers and seeing how they held their meetings. they were super creative in the activities and i wasn't bored for a second while discussing what it takes to be a sunday school teacher!

saturday, i went downtown with my aunt [on her motorcycle! haha, can you tell i was excited?], and then spent the rest of the day with a few of my cousins at the "Shopping" which is the brazilian equivalent of the mall, grabbed a huge x-tudo [see photo] for dinner, and then went to a bar with my cousins!! It was a great time, and the greater part was that we drank beer, cachaça, [water], had tons of food and the check came out to R$10/person [That's like, $6 USD]! :-)

sunday, there was a huge almoço at my paternal grandma's house with the whoollleee family! which was a wonderful time! my cousins, aunts, and uncles are all fabulous, and sooo sweet and humble and everything wonderful. later sunday, i hopped on a bus to Belo Horizonte, and now i'm staying at a friend's house here in BH. monday i had a series of tests for a selection process at ibm [i aced the english test ;-)], and am waiting to hear back, but i think i'll be heading to são paulo tomorrow or friday regardless - for some other interviews, etc.

guess that's it for now. hope you enjoyed my rambling part dois.

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